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Issue Details

Issue #98
Published 1946
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?
Notes Indicia title is "The Lone Ranger, No. 98." No code number. Copyright 1938, 1939 by The Lone Ranger, Inc. Second of seven Lone Ranger Four Colors.

Cover Details

Characters Lone Ranger; Tonto; Silver (horse), Scout (horse)
Genre western
Notes Possibly signed "TH" in lower right corner. Maybe Tom Hickey?

51 page The Lone Ranger story "Mystery at Pine River; Bad Men Amuck; The Evil Spirit; Six-Gun Saga; Killer Roundup"

Characters Lone Ranger; Tonto; Silver (horse); Scout (horse)
Synopsis "Mystery of Pine River": Stagecoach drivers are mysteriously killed. "The Evil Spirit": Indians are driven off their land when the water goes bad. "Bad Men Amuck": The Lone Ranger keeps a sheriff from being lynched. "Six-Gun Saga": The Snake's gang kidnaps a sheriff's daughter to use as a hostage to rob a train of gold. "Killer Round-Up": The Lone Ranger and Tonto keep crooks from taking possession of an oil well.
Genre western
Script Fran Striker
Pencils Ed Kressy; Charles Flanders
Inks Ed Kressy; Charles Flanders
Notes Five plots that run together with little transition and no logo separation. Plot names are from the original newspaper strips. Kressy art on first four plots, Flanders art on last plot. Story starts on the inside front cover in black, red, and white; continues on the inside back cover in black, red, and white; and concludes on the back cover in full color. Four tiers of panels per page.
Reprinted from The Lone Ranger (King Features Syndicate) daily newspaper strips from 1938.09.12 to 1939.04.08