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Issue Details

Issue #7
Published 2001
Cover Price 4.50
Pages 68
Editing Bill Morrison

Cover Details

Characters Homer Simpson; Mr. Burns
Genre humor; horror
Pencils Matt Groening
Inks Bill Morrison (painting)
Colors Bill Morrison (painting)

12 page The Simpsons story "In Springfield No-One Can Hear You Scream"

Characters Bart Simpson; Maggie Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Homer Simpson; Marge Simpson; Itchy; Scratchy
Synopsis After seeing an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon based on the movie Alien, Bart dreams that Springfield has been invaded.
Genre horror; humor
Script Garth Ennis
Pencils John McCrea
Inks John McCrea
Colors Dave Stewart
Letters Karen Bates

15 page The Simpsons story "I'm Not In Springfield Anymore!"

Characters Lisa Simpson; Bart Simpson; Homer Simpson; Marge Simpson; Ned Flanders; Groundskeeper Willie; Barney; Krusty The Clown; Comic Book Guy; Mr. Burns; Mr. Smithers
Synopsis A Wizard of Oz parody with Lisa in the Dorothy role.
Genre satire
Script Stan Sakai
Pencils Stan Sakai
Inks Stan Sakai
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Stan Sakai?

15 page The Simpsons story "Homererectus"

Characters Homer Simpson; Kang; Kodos
Synopsis Homer finds himself on display as a primitive man in the year 1875!
Genre horror; humor
Script Troy Nixey
Pencils Troy Nixey
Inks Troy Nixey
Colors Dave Stewart
Letters Karen Bates [as Karen Bear Baiter]

15 page The Simpsons story "Catastrophe In Substitute Springfields!"

Characters Comic Book Guy; Professor Frink; Mr. Burns; Mr. Smithers; Dr. Hibbert; Homer Simpson; Marge Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Bart Simpson; Homer Simpson; Kang; Kodos; Bert-Zerko
Synopsis Professor Frink creates a machine that creates a "flawed" clone of Homer.
Genre satire
Script Mark Hamill
Pencils Bill Morrison
Inks Jason Ho; Mike Rote
Colors Art Villanueva
Letters Karen Bates

3 page The Bongo Beat text article "Fearless Fables And Fictions (Not For The Faint-Hearted)"

Script Dan Brereton; Garth Ennis; Mark Hamill; John McCrea; Troy Nixey; Stan Sakai; Dave Stewart
Pencils Bill Morisson?
Letters typeset
Notes Bios and halloween tales from the "guest" contributors to this issue.

1 page The Simpsons (backcovers) *do not use* / *please fix* "Destroy All Simpsons"

Synopsis Godzilla parody pin-up.
Genre monster
Pencils Dan Brereton (painting)
Inks Dan Brereton (painting)
Colors Dan Brereton (painting)
Letters Dan Brereton?