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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published November 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Victor Fox

Cover Details

15 page Eagle story "The Fifth Column of the Indians"

Characters Eagle; John Red-Dust (first appearance; villain); Count Felix Burkweis (first appearance; villain)
Pencils ? (Lester Raye)

10 page Eagle story "Death Deals In Gold"

Characters Eagle; Condor (first appearance; villain); Gruber (first appearance; villain)
Pencils ? (Lester Raye)

6 page Eagle story "The Trio Who Worked For Satan"

Characters Eagle; The Unholy Three [Wong; Chubby; Roly] (first appearance; villains)
Pencils ? (Lester Raye)

10 page Eagle story "The Unholy Three"

Characters Eagle; The Unholy Three [Wong; Chubby; Roly] (villains); Dan Cartone (first appearance; villain; death)
Pencils ? (Lester Raye)

8 page Spider Queen story "The Torture Racketeers"

Characters The Spider Queen [Shannon Kane]
Pencils ? (Elsa Lisau)

2 page text story "Nothing Ever Happens"

Letters typeset

8 page Joe Spook story "The Origin of Joe Spook"

Characters Joe Spook [Joe Devaney] (first appearance; origin; death; reborn; a ghost); Nickie the Boy King [King Nicholas Robertus Christopher Alexander Paul Danilo Danilovich] (first appearance; origin); Von Zuppe (first appearance; villain); Sutzel (first appearance; villain)
Pencils ? (Sam Walters)