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Issue Details

Issue #44
Published May 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Ed Cronin

Cover Details

Characters Doll Man [Darrel Dane]
Genre superhero
Pencils Gill Fox?
Inks Gill Fox?

9 page Doll Man story "Trouble On the Twentieth Century Limited"

Characters Doll Man [Darrel Dane]; Schultz (first appearance; villain); other spies (first appearance; villains)
Genre superhero
Script Will Eisner?
Pencils Reed Crandall
Inks Reed Crandall

2 page Big Top story

Genre Humor
Script Joe Devlin
Pencils Joe Devlin
Inks Joe Devlin

4 page Rance Keane story "The Mystery Schooner"

Characters Rance Keane; Harvey Topping; Nazi spies (first appearance; villains)
Genre western
Script William A. Smith
Pencils William A. Smith (Will Arthur)
Inks William A. Smith

5 page Zero story "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Characters Zero; The Reaper [Death] (first appearance); an old man (first appearance; death); his son (first appearance)
Pencils Al Bryant
Inks Al Bryant

5 page Reynolds of the Mounted story "King of the Barrens"

Characters Sgt. Jim Reynolds, RCMP; Red Deer (first appearance); Rawson (first appearance; villain); Canua (first appearance; villain)
Genre western
Pencils Art Pinajian
Inks Art Pinajian

2 page Homer Doodle and Son story "Magic Chalk"

Genre Gags
Script Arthur Beeman
Pencils Arthur Beeman
Inks Arthur Beeman

5 page Samar story "The Obandi War Dance"

Characters Samar; The Obandi tribe (first appearance); Julie (first appearance); Julie's father (first appearance); Several bad guys (first appearance; villains)
Genre jungle
Pencils Reed Crandall
Inks Reed Crandall

2 page Lala Palooza story

Genre humor
Pencils Joe Devlin
Inks Joe Devlin

5 page Capt. Bruce Blackburn, Counterspy story "Fear, Inc."

Characters Capt. Bruce Blackburn; Mrs. Blake (first appearance); Herr Silber and his gang (first appearnce; villains; death)
Genre adventure; spy
Script Harry Campbell
Pencils Harry Campbell
Inks Harry Campbell

5 page USA story "The Draftsman's Treason"

Characters USA; Linden (first appearance; villain); Unger (first appearance; villain); other spies (first appearance; villains)
Genre superhero
Pencils Maurice Gutwirth
Inks Maurice Gutwirth

4 page Rusty Ryan story "The Underwater Counterfeiters"

Characters Rusty Ryan; Rickie and his gang (first appearance; villains)
Genre spy; adventure; children
Script Paul Gustavson
Pencils Paul Gustavson
Inks Paul Gustavson

2 page Perry Scott text story "Water For the King"

Characters Perry Scott
Genre adventure
Script Robert Hyatt
Letters typeset

2 page Poison Ivy story "The Super Conscientious Objector"

Characters Poison Ivy; a super guy (first appearance)
Genre humor
Script Gill Fox
Pencils Gill Fox
Inks Gill Fox

4 page Dusty Dane story "The Map of Sinbad"

Characters Dusty Dane; Bulldog Teeters (first appearance; villain; death)
Genre adventure
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel
Inks Vernon Henkel

4 page Mickey Finn story

Genre sitcom
Script Lank Leonard
Pencils Lank Leonard
Inks Lank Leonard
Notes strip reprints

5 page Spin Shaw story "The Mutineers"

Characters Spin Shaw [Capt. S. R. "Spin" Shaw]
Genre aviation
Pencils Clark Williams
Inks Clark Williams