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Issue Details

Issue #78
Published May 1944
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 60
Editing Gill Fox

Cover Details

Characters Doll Man [Darrel Dane]
Genre superhero
Pencils Al Bryant
Inks Al Bryant

13 page Doll Man story "Fear"

Characters Doll Man [Darrel Dane]; John Raymond (first appearance); Martha Braun Raymond (first appearance); The Knife (first appearance; villain; death); Mike Sarto (first appearance; villain; death)
Genre superhero
Pencils Rudy Palais
Inks Rudy Palais

6 page Swing Sisson story "Swing Sisson On the Swing Shift"

Characters Swing Sisson; Max (first appearance; villain)
Genre humor; detective
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel
Inks Vernon Henkel

7 page Blimpy story "Action At the Auction"

Characters Blimpy; Bob Baker (first appearance); Gloria Gay (first appearance); Van Filcher (first appearance; villain); Gunner (first appearance; villain); Max (first appearance; villain)
Genre humor
Script Tony DiPreta
Pencils Tony DiPreta
Inks Tony DiPreta

3 page Lala Palooza story

Genre humor
Script Bernard Dibble
Pencils Bernard Dibble
Inks Bernard Dibble

1 page Poison Ivy story "1000 Miles An Hour"

Characters Poison Ivy
Genre humor
Script Gill Fox
Pencils Gill Fox
Inks Gill Fox

5 page Spin Shaw story "San Francisco Mission"

Characters Spin Shaw [Capt. S. R. "Spin" Shaw]; Commander Newson (first appearance); The Japanese (villains)
Genre aviation

4 page Mickey Finn story

Genre sitcom
Script Lank Leonard
Pencils Lank Leonard
Inks Lank Leonard
Notes strip reprints

2 page Perry Scott text story "The Dum-Dum Murders"

Characters Perry Scott
Genre adventure
Script Robert M. Hyatt?
Letters typeset

6 page Perky story "The Home of the Winds"

Characters Perky; Mrs. Wind (first appearance); East Wind (first appearance); North Wind (first appearance); South Wind (first appearance); West Wind (first appearance)
Genre fantasy
Script Sid Lazarus
Pencils Sid Lazarus
Inks Sid Lazarus

2 page Big Top story

Genre Humor
Script Bernard Dibble
Pencils Bernard Dibble
Inks Bernard Dibble

7 page Rusty Ryan story "Captured By the Japanese Underground"

Characters Rusty Ryan; Pierpont Lee; Alababa; Mauki (first appearance; villain); Kajanka (first appearance; villain); a girl (first appearance; villain); other Japanese spies (first appearance; villains)
Genre spy; adventure; children
Pencils Ed Dobrotka
Inks Ed Dobrotka