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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published March 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Malcolm Reiss (Editor); William E. Eisner (Art Director); S. M. Iger (Feature Editor)
Notes cover possibly intended for PLANET COMICS

Cover Details

Genre science fiction
Pencils Will Eisner
Inks Will Eisner
Notes cover possibly intended for PLANET COMICS

10 page Shark Brodie story "Shark clashes with a treacherous band of desperados, in..."

Characters Shark Brodie; Ford Kennedy (Intro); Matey (Intro); Boss Bullard and his gang (Villains, Intro, Dies)
Genre adventure
Script Will Eisner
Pencils George Tuska [as George Aksut)
Inks George Tuska [as George Aksut)
Notes Previous indexer listed script as by Eisner. We can't corraborate.

6 page The Spy Fighter story "Starring Saber, the spy fighter, the mightiest and..."

Characters Saber [Spy Fighter]; A gang of traitors (Villain, Intro)
Synopsis Story now set in 1998.
Genre science fiction
Script Will Eisner?
Pencils Leonard Frank (signed)
Inks Leonard Frank (signed)
Notes Previous indexer assigned script to Eisner. We are unable to corraborate.

3 page Tony Galento filler "The Life of Tony Galento"

Characters Tony Galento
Genre sports

7 page Kayo Kirby story "At his camp in the country, Kayo is..."

Characters Kayo Kirby [Red Kirby]; The Kid (Intro); Bendelli (Villain, Intro); Slam Deman (Villain, Intro); Bob Benton (Villain, Intro)
Genre sports
Script ? [as Chuck Walker]
Pencils Dan Zolnerowich?

Half page filler "The Case of the Diamond Death: Case 1, File-A: Clue No. 3"

Genre crime
Pencils Bob Powell
Inks Bob Powell

8 page Kinks Mason story The Graveyard of Forgotten Ships ["There has been a noticeable shortage of salt..."]

Characters Kinks Mason; Amphibians (Villain, Intro)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Steve Broder]
Pencils Steve Broder (signed)
Inks Steve Broder (signed)
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.

2 page text article "Fight Tips For Beginners"

Genre sports
Pencils ? (2 panels art)
Inks ? (2 panels art)
Letters typeset

5 page Big Red McLane story "'Big Red' is wandering along through the togging (sic) country."

Characters Big Red McLane; Mr. Farr (Intro)
Synopsis After stopping a group of thieves Big Red is made Mr. Farr's partner.
Genre adventure
Script Fletcher Hanks
Pencils Fletcher Hanks
Inks Fletcher Hanks
Letters Fletcher Hanks
Reprinted in You Shall Die by Your Own Creation (Fantagraphics, 2009 series) #[nn]

5 page Oran of the Jungle story "Oran, who won world-wide fame in the ring..."

Characters Oran; The Malengas (Villain, Intro); Two crooks (Villain, Intro)
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Hugh Bartlett]
Pencils August Froehlich?
Inks Edd Ashe?

5 page Rip Regan the Power-Man story Come on, ya' big lug, have you forgotten..."

Characters Rip Regan (the Power-Man) (Intro, Origin); Dr. Austin (Intro); Punchy Bogart (Intro); The Skull (Villain, Intro)
Genre adventure
Script Herman Bolstein
Pencils John Celardo (signed)
Inks John Celardo (signed)

5 page Strut Warren story "Okay, Corporal Warren, you can knock off for..."

Characters Cpl. Strut Warren; A mad scientist (Villain, Intro, Death)
Genre humor
Script Klaus Nordling [as Ed Norris]
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling
Notes Previous indexer assigned script to Nordling. We cannot corraborate.

2 page Slug-Nutty Sam filler "Look, Sam! I just dug up a fight..."

Characters Slug-Nutty Sam [formerly Slap-Happy Sam]
Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab [as Fred Ricks]
Pencils Fred Schwab [as Fred Ricks]
Inks Fred Schwab [as Fred Ricks]
Notes Previous indexer assigned script to Schwab. We are unable to corraborate.

5 page Chip Collins story "Chip and his Skull Squad have flown to..."

Characters Chip Collins; The Japanese (Villains)
Genre war
Script ? [as Ted Torrence]
Pencils Charles Sultan
Inks Leo Morey?