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Issue Details

Issue #58
Published October 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Jack Byrne (Mgr. Editor); Joseph V. Daffron (Editor); S.M. Iger (Art Director)

Cover Details

Characters Tiger Girl
Genre jungle
Inks ? (Iger Shop)

10 page Tiger Girl story " 'Loot! Loot!' boomed the battle-din of the butcher..."

Characters Tiger Girl
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Allan O'Hara]
Pencils Jay Disbrow? (Iger Shop)
Inks ? (Iger Shop)

8 page Rip Carson of Risks, Unlimited story "We were all set to put some sky..."

Characters Rip Carson
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Rollin W. Bell]
Pencils Robert Webb; ?
Inks David Heames?; ? (Iger Shop)

6 page Kayo Kirby story "Is Kayo Kirby yellow? Is Kayo Kirby scared..."

Characters Kayo Kirby
Genre sports
Script ? [as Chuck Walker]
Pencils John Forte?
Inks Al Feldstein?; [shop]

6 page Captain Fight story "Log date April 7, l805. Ship: The Sea Scourge..."

Characters Captain Fight
Genre period
Script ? [as Stuart Drake]
Pencils Jack Kamen?; John Forte?
Inks David Heames?; [shop]

2 page Kayo Kirby text story "Kayo and the Whistling Nemesis"

Characters Kayo Kirby
Genre sports
Script ? [as George Tracy]
Letters typeset

6 page Hooks Devlin story "The great Zalini, lion tamer extraordinary, murdered! mysteriously..."

Characters Hooks Devlin
Genre detective
Script ? [as John Campbell]
Pencils John Forte
Inks David Heames?

8 page Senorita Rio story "Salud, amigos! I am Senor Valdez, the..."

Characters Senorita Rio
Genre spies
Script ? [as Morgan Hawkins]
Pencils Edmund Good?
Inks Jack Kamen?; [shop]
Reprinted In Femforce (AC, 1985 series) #26 (as a Rio Rita story, needs confirmation)