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Issue Details

Issue #71
Published November 1950
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing J. F. Byrne (Managing Editor); Jerry Iger (Art Director)

Cover Details - "Captives For the Golden Crocodile"

Genre jungle
Pencils ? (Iger Shop)
Inks ? (Iger Shop)

9 page Tiger Girl story Captives For the Golden Crocodile ["Soon now would the scaly rulers of Jungle..."]

Characters Villains: Hank Hammer; Craig; Whistle-Brain (Intro, Death for all). Intro: Sylvia Starke; Mr. Starke
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Allan O'Hara]
Pencils Robert Webb?; ? (Iger Shop)
Inks David Heames?; ? (Iger Shop)
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.

7 page Rip Carson of Risks, Unlimited story "'I am Mao Kung', the glib stranger introduced..."

Characters Intro: Ling Ka; Villain: Mao Tung (Intro)
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Rollin W. Bell]
Pencils Ken Battefield?; ? (Iger Shop)
Inks ? (Iger Shop)

2 page text story "Sky Duels With Dirigible Death"

Genre war
Script ? [as Frank Riddell]
Letters typeset

4 page Kayo Kirby story "In the fight game, when you're Kayo Kirby..."

Characters Introduction: Jeanette Kennedy; Villain: Chuck Benson (Introduction)
Genre sports
Script ? [as Chuck Walker]
Pencils ? (Iger Shop)
Inks ? (Iger Shop)

6 page Senorita Rio story "The United States made a gift of our..."

Characters Villains: Unnamed General; The General's hirelings (Intro for all). Into: Unnamed South American President; President's son
Genre spy
Script ? [as Morgan Hawkins]
Pencils ? (Iger Shop)
Inks ? (Iger Shop)
Notes last appearance