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Issue Details

Issue V1#2
Published December 1936
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing William Cook ?
Notes Funny PICTURE STORIES is published monthly by Comics Magazine Company, Inc., 420 DeSoto Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. Editorial Office, 11 West 42nd Street, New York, N. Y. Application for second class entry pending at post office, St. Louis, Mo., under the Act of March 3rd, 1879. Subscription price: One (1) year, 12 issues, in the United States and its Possessions, and Canada, $1.00. Single Copies, 10 cents. All subscriptions and correspondence should be addressed to this magazine at 11 West 42nd Street, New York, N. Y. The Publishers accept no responsibility for unsolicited drawings or manuscripts, but will exercise due care in handling same. Drawings and manuscripts to receive consideration must be accompanied by postage sufficient to ensure their return to owner. This magazine printed in U. S. A. and entire contents copyrighted 1936 by Comics Magazine Company, Inc. For advertising rates address William J. Delaney, Eastern Representative, 420 Lexington Avenue, New York, N. Y. or T. W. Farrell, Western Representative, 180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

Cover Details - "The Spinner Talks"

Genre detective
Pencils William Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Inks William Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Notes Despite the fact that the cover mentions the Spinner, the image is unrelated to either the Spinner himself or the story he tells in this issue.

1 page credits "Contents (all Stories Complete)"

Synopsis Quoted synopses for the various features in this index are all taken from this page.
Notes The "Funny Picture Stories" banner at the top of this page includes drawings of six characters, although it is not clear if they are specific characters from anywhere in the book.

7 page Clock, The story "Hare and Hound (A story in which the Clock has two faces.)"

Characters The Clock
Synopsis "The Clock again! A sinister figure of mystery. The police want to know his name." (from contents page)
Genre detective; superhero
Script George Brenner [as George E. Brenner]
Pencils George Brenner [as George E. Brenner]
Inks George Brenner [as George E. Brenner]
Notes This issue has the same cover month as Funny Pages v1#7 but the plot in this story is unrelated to the continuing storyline in that series.
Reprinted in Keen Detective Funnies (Centaur, 1938 series) #v1#9 (September 1938); in Super-Dooper Comics (Harvey, 1946 series) #3

7 page Brailey of the Tropics story "Daughter of the Apes"

Synopsis "Brailey of the Tropics meets wierd adventure far north of the Congo jungle." (from contents page)
Genre jungle; adventure
Script Victor J. Dowling
Pencils Victor J. Dowling
Inks Victor J. Dowling

7 page Rat Larson story "Smuggled Toys"

Synopsis "Inspector Scott took the trail in Chinatown and it lead to the stamping ground of Rat Larson, hoodlum of the high seas and China coast." (from contents page)
Genre detective
Script John Patterson [as John A. Patterson]
Pencils John Patterson [as John A. Patterson]
Inks John Patterson [as John A. Patterson]
Notes While there is no "Rat Larson" feature logo, stories featuring Rat Larson appear in multiple issues of this book. Pages 1-2 are color; 3-4, 7 black, red and white; 5-6 black and white.

1 page Funny Picture Stories promo (ad from the publisher) "This is the Original Stories-in-Pictures Magazine"

Synopsis FUNNY PICTURE STORIES Magazine is not all humor by any means. This is the magazine that readers of the popular FUNNY PAGES have asked for. Magazine fans the world over have waited for this-- Stories Complete in Pictures. And now you can read and see the action, the drama, the thrilling clashes of the hero who fights his way to glory in the tropics, the frozen north, the great west.
Letters typeset
Notes Includes a small black-and-white reproduction of the cover to this issue. Offers a subscription for a dollar per year.

8 page story "Easy Job"

Synopsis "He said his name was "Free" Smith and he smoked his way into their confidence. A yarn about the Coast Guard--and revenue men." (from contents page)
Genre detective
Script Joe E. Buresch
Pencils Joe E. Buresch
Inks Joe E. Buresch
Notes Pages 1-2 color; 3-4, 7-8 black and white; 5-6 black, white and red.

8 page story "Buckaroo Brand (A Complete Novelet)"

Synopsis "A puncher wins a spread and a herd with the turn of a card, and--it brings him and his partner face to face with Red River Brent of the rustler bunch." (from contents page)
Genre western
Script Buck Ringoe
Pencils William Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Inks William Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Notes Page 7 is a full-page splash panel (black and white). Pages 1-2 are color; 3-4, 7-8 black and white; 5-6 black, red and white.

6 page Dick Kent story "The Monster Man"

Characters Dick Kent; Professor Buck
Synopsis "A new Dick Kent yarn. Here Dick stacks his life against the death mania of a madman."
Script Art Pinajian [as Arthur Pinajian]
Pencils Art Pinajian [as Arthur Pinajian]
Inks Art Pinajian [as Arthur Pinajian]
Notes Page 5 is a full-page splash panel (duo-tone). Pages 1-2 are color; 3-4 black and white; 5-6 black, red and white.

2 page text story "Battling Beau Brummel"

Genre adventure
Script Malcolm Bruce
Letters typeset
Notes Part one of ?

10 page Spinner, The story "The Christmas Kid (A Complete Novelet)"

Synopsis "A great story of gold and snow and men gone "beasts" in Alaska, wherein the Kid swaps lead with a killer pack." (from contents page)
Genre adventure
Script Bert Christman
Pencils Bert Christman
Inks Bert Christman
Notes The Spinner is an old man who tells stories to his grandchildren. Page 4 has a panel that covers about 5/6 of a page (all but the lower left-hand corner).

8 page story "The Red Raider"

Synopsis "Hill tribes swarm on the outpost like wolves to a slaughter, but Lieutenant "Smoky" Battle led his bullettieres with Yankee courage to dare the Rango chief." (from contents page)
Genre adventure
Script E. McD. Moore, Jr.
Pencils E. McD. Moore, Jr.
Inks E. McD. Moore, Jr.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

Synopsis Ad for Detective Picture Stories v1#1 (December 1936, same cover date as this issue).
Pencils William Allison
Inks William Allison
Letters typeset
Notes Inside back cover. Contains a small reproduction of the cover to Detective Picture Stories v1#1.