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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published Summer 1944
Frequency quarterly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Sheldon Mayer
Notes pub by All-American Comics Inc. M. C. Gaines, President.

Cover Details

Characters Three Mouseketeers: Amouse; Porterhouse; Aramouse; D'Artagmouse
Genre funny animal; period
Pencils Sheldon Mayer
Inks Sheldon Mayer

Half page public service announcement "A Letter to You From Captain Eddie Rickenbacker"

Synopsis Support the Fifth War Loan Drive
Script Eddie Rickenbacker

1 page Contents Page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Funny Stuff Contents Page"

Characters Three Mouseketeers; D'Artagmouse; J. Rufus Lion; Bulldog Drumhead; McSnurtle the Turtle; Terrific Whatzit; Blackie Bear; Oliver Wendell McDuffy
Genre funny animal
Pencils Sheldon Mayer
Inks Sheldon Mayer

9 page Three Mouseketeers story "The Making of a Mouseketeer"

Characters Three Mouseketeers; Amouse; Porterhouse; Aramouse; D'Artagmouse; Duke De Maltese; King Louis
Synopsis Young D'Artagmouse joins up with the Mouseketeers when King Louis sends them to put down a revolt by the Duke de Maltese.
Genre funny animal; period
Pencils Ronald Santi
Inks Ronald Santi

1 page advertisement "Lighter Moments with fresh Eveready Batteries"

Pencils Syd Hoff (signed)
Inks Syd Hoff (signed)

6 page J. Rufus Lion story "Moider! Kidnap ! Arson!"

Characters J. Rufus Lion; Louie the Ferret; Abigail
Synopsis Rufus gets tangled up in a bank robbery on his way to get ration points.
Genre funny animal
Script Sheldon Mayer (signed)
Pencils Sheldon Mayer (signed)
Inks Sheldon Mayer (signed)

1 page advertisement "Save Bags from Popsicle Creamsicle Fudgesicle"

6 page Bulldog Drumhead story "The Coming of Oliver Wendell McDuffy"

Characters Bulldog Drumhead; Oliver Wendell McDuffy; Looie the Human Fly
Synopsis After Bulldog puts Oliver's father in jail he has to take care of the cute little tyke (not).
Genre funny animal; detective
Pencils Ron Santi?
Inks Ron Santi?

1 page Wheaties advertisement "Why not? They helped give me the energy to develop this chest!"

Pencils Jefferson Maclancer (signed)
Inks Jefferson Maclancer (signed)

2 page Ol' Judge Owl text story

Genre funny animal
Script Martin Naydel (signed as Nadle)
Pencils Martin Naydel (signed as Nadle)
Inks Martin Naydel (signed as Nadle)

1 page Who's Who In Zooville filler "Meet... Picnic Andy"

Genre funny animal
Script Ron Santi (signed)
Pencils Ron Santi (signed)
Inks Ron Santi (signed)

6 page Blackie Bear story "The Great Fur Robbery"

Characters Blackie Bear; Lee Lion
Synopsis Lee Lion runs a crooked hotel and makes his guests hock their fur to pay the bills.
Genre funny animal
Pencils Saul Kessler

Half page Victory Puzzles activity

Script A. W. Nugent (signed)
Pencils A. W. Nugent (signed)
Inks A. W. Nugent (signed)

Half page promo (ad from the publisher)

Notes The Complete Old Testament Edition of Picture Stories from the Bible

12 page McSnurtle The Turtle story "The Terrific Whatzit"

Characters Merton McSnurtle the Turtle; his Automatic Conscience; Prince Highness and Prince Lowness; Terrific Whatzit
Synopsis Prince Highness and Prince Lowness search for one honest soul to give super powers to, to see if they he will be corrupted. But Prince Highness sneaks an Automatic Conscience into McSnurtle's shell- to keep him on the path of righteousness- or at least awake.
Genre funny animal; super hero
Script Sheldon Mayer?
Pencils Martin Naydel
Inks Martin Naydel

1 page Wheaties advertisement "Jack Armstrong True Flight Fighter Models Actually Fly"

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "You can't afford to miss these brand new issues!"

Notes ad for Green Lantern #12, Comic Cavalcade #7, All Star Comics #21, All-Flash #15, Wonder Woman #9, Mutt and Jeff #14

1 page Captain Tootsie; Tootsie Rolls advertisement "Captain Tootsie and the Bumbershoot Jump!"

Characters Captain Tootsie; Rollo; Fatty
Genre superhero; ad
Script Rod Reed (signed)
Pencils C. C. Beck (signed)
Inks C. C. Beck (signed)