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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published October 1968
Frequency quarterly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36

Cover Details

Characters Space Ghost; Young Samson; Goliath; Birdman; Avenger; Shazzan; Chuck; Nancy; Kaboobie
Genre superhero
Letters typeset

5 page Shazzan story "Terrors of Turaba"

Characters Shazzan; Chuck; Nancy; Kaboobie; Kadi
Synopsis An evil wizard, Kadi, captures Chuck and Nancy as sacrifices for the living idol of Turaba.
Genre adventure

9 page Space Ghost story "The Plague of Giants"

Characters Space Ghost; Jace; Jan; Blip; Creature King
Synopsis Space Ghost battles Creature King who can create illusions of giant creatures with his Nightmare Beams.
Genre superhero

4 page Moby Dick story "Undersea Invasion"

Characters Moby Dick; Tom; Tubb; Scooby
Synopsis Aliens force Tom and Tubb to help them invade the boys' undersea city.
Genre adventure

3 page Birdman story "The Solar Scorpions"

Characters Birdman; Avenger
Synopsis Birdman fights off scorpion-like creatures from a crashed meteor.
Genre superhero

5 page Young Samson and Goliath story "The Cosmic Werewolf"

Characters Young Samson; Goliath; Dr. Krugle
Synopsis Young Samson and Goliath are blamed for a series of bank robberies committed by Dr. Krugle in his were-creature form.
Genre superhero