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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published July 1969
Frequency quarterly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Mightor; Moby Dick; Tom; Tubb; Zandor; Zok; Igoo; Gloop; Amaak the Energy Creature; Space Ghost
Genre superhero
Letters typeset

9 page Space Ghost story "The Sun Master"

Characters Space Ghost; Jace; Jan; Blip; P.B. Farnum; Sun Master [Cerebra]; Sazta
Synopsis Space Ghost goes undercover as a performer in a galactic circus to stop Sazta who has taken the controlling powers of the Sun Master.
Genre superhero

5 page Moby Dick story "Creature from Below"

Characters Moby Dick; Tom; Tubb; Scooby
Synopsis Moby Dick fights a giant mechanical sea monster that swallows ships.
Genre adventure

6 page Mighty Mightor story "Idol of Fear"

Characters Mightor [Tor]; Sheera; Li'l Rok; Ork; Tog; Korga
Synopsis Korga's cave dwelling tribe hope to bring to life Dakaa, their idol of fear, by sealing Mightor inside the idol to absorb Mightor's powers.
Genre superhero

6 page Herculoids story "The Energy Creatures"

Characters Zandor; Tara; Dorno; Igoo; Zok; Tundro; Gloop; Gleep; Amaak
Synopsis Amaak arrives on Amzot to see if the planet can be invaded by his people, the Energy Creatures.
Genre superhero