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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published August 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Ed Cronin

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Lou Fine
Inks Lou Fine

7 page Hercules story "A Town's Ransom"

Characters V: Crinch (I); I: Portle
Genre superhero
Pencils Dan Zolnerowich
Inks Dan Zolnerowich

6 page X-5 Super Agent story "Assignment: Ruina"

Characters V: The Black Guards (I)
Genre spy
Script Will Eisner
Pencils Charles Sultan
Inks Charles Sultan

6 page Jack and Jill story "The Baby On the Doorstep"

Characters V: Rocky Ford, Slobber Mike (I for both); I: Stella and Butch Ford
Genre detective
Pencils John Lindermayer?
Inks John Lindermayer?

7 page Old Witch story "The Phantom Scaffold"

Genre occult
Pencils Pierre Winter
Inks Pierre Winter
Notes formerly Weird Tales

7 page Strange Twins, The story "The Escape of Roderick Strange"

Characters GS: Wing Low
Genre adventure
Script S. M. Iger
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum

2 page text story "Tyrant's Death"

Script Toni Blum
Letters Typeset

6 page Red Bee story "The Hospital Grafters"

Characters V: Al Snead (I)
Genre superhero
Script Toni Blum?
Pencils Charles Nicholas?
Inks Charles Nicholas?

6 page Bob and Swab story "Costa Rica Shore Leave"

Characters I: Nina Costa
Genre humor; adventure
Script Klaus Nordling
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling

5 page Casey Jones story "The Railroad Saboteurs"

Genre adventure
Pencils Munson Paddock
Inks Munson Paddock

5 page Blaze Barton story "The Venusian Expedition"

Characters I: Venusians; V: Core-men
Genre science fiction
Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer

2 page Tommy Tinkle story "Max the Toy Lion"

Characters I: Max (a toy lion), King Neptune; V: Snipp and Snapp (I for both)
Genre humor
Pencils Pauline Comanor (Sandy Klauz)
Inks Pauline Comanor

5 page Neon the Unknown story "The Defeat of Radolf"

Characters V: Radolf (I)
Genre superhero
Script S. M. Iger
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum