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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published November 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing ?

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Lou Fine
Inks Lou Fine
Reprinted in Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives (DC, 2000 series) #11

9 page Hercules story "Violent death leaves more than a score.."

Genre superhero
Pencils Reed Crandall (as Gregg Powers)
Inks Reed Crandall (as Gregg Powers)

6 page Betty Bates, Lady-at-Law story "The indominatble lady-at-law..."

Genre detective
Pencils Al Bryant ? (as Stanley Charlot)
Inks Al Bryant ? (as Stanley Charlot)

1 page Dan Tootin story

Genre gag
Pencils Jack Cole (as Ralph Johns)
Inks Jack Cole (as Ralph Johns)

5 page Bob and Swab story "Listen Swab, let's cut out the rough stuff..."

Genre humor; adventure
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling

5 page Strange Twins, The story "The Strange Twins, Rod and Doug...."

Genre adventure
Pencils Alex Blum ? (as S.M. Regi)
Inks Alex Blum ? (as S.M. Regi)

5 page Lion Boy story "One day, Lion Boy spots two strangers..."

Genre jungle
Pencils H. Kiefer (as Merton Holmes]
Inks H. Kiefer (as Merton Holmes]

8 page Red Bee, The story "Rick is at Mike O'Sullivan's gym..."

Genre superhero
Pencils Witmer WIlliams ? (as B.H. Apiary - really!)
Inks Witmer WIlliams ? (as B.H. Apiary - really!)

4 page Hell Diver story "Danger is on the fire-control tower..."

Genre adventure
Pencils Mort Leav? (as Ace N. Hoell]
Inks Mort Leav? (as Ace N. Hoell]

4 page G-5 Super Agent story "G-5 is in a barber's chair..."

Genre spy
Pencils ? (as Carey Weyte)
Inks ? (as Carey Weyte)

2 page text story "Trick Gun"

Script Eugene Maxwell
Letters Typeset

1 page Tommy Tinkle story

Genre humor
Pencils Arthur Beaman
Inks Arthur Beaman

5 page Neon the Unknown story "A vital midwest power plant..."

Genre superhero
Pencils Alex Blum ? (Tagor Maroy)
Inks Alex Blum ? (Tagor Maroy)

9 page Don Glory story "Don Glory returns to the ring..."

Genre sports
Pencils Arthur Peddy? (as Lincoln Ross)
Inks Arthur Peddy? (as Lincoln Ross)