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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published February 1942
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing S. M. Iger

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Reed Crandall
Inks Reed Crandall

11 page Stormy Foster story "The Deadly Scheme of Dr. Bork"

Characters V: Dr. Bork, Pincus, Kritz (I for all), Gaddis (I, D); I: Ray Cooper
Genre superhero
Pencils Max Elkan
Inks Max Elkan

1 page Dan Tootin story "Elephant Extract"

Genre gag
Script Jack Cole
Pencils Jack Cole (Ralph Johns)
Inks Jack Cole

5 page Bob and Swab story "Mail Duty"

Characters V: The Nazis
Genre humor; adventure
Script Klaus Nordling
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling

6 page Betty Bates story "Murder's Last Act"

Characters I: Victor Ralley (D), Rene Balbo; V: Inez, Biff and his partner (I for all)
Pencils Al Bryant
Inks Al Bryant

1 page Tommy Tinkle filler

Genre humor
Script Arthur Beeman
Pencils Arthur Beeman
Inks Arthur Beeman

7 page Ghost of Flanders story "The Spy Snatchers"

Characters Egbert Weever (intro, head of the FBI); Haggenschmidt (Intro)
Genre occult; war
Script George Brenner
Pencils George Brenner
Inks George Brenner

6 page Red Bee story "The Elevator Murders"

Characters I: Jasper and Mary Skinner; V: Abner Twist and his gang (I for all)
Genre superhero
Script Clark Williams
Pencils Clark Williams
Inks Clark Williams

5 page Lion Boy story "The Photo Hunters"

Characters V: Yussuf, Ali (I for both); I: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Helder
Genre jungle
Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer

5 page Strange Twins, The story "Hot Rocks In a Lunch Box"

Characters V: Drum (I, D), John Haddon, two watchmen (I for all)
Genre adventure
Script S. M. Iger
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum

2 page text story "Thunderbolt Comeback"

Script Tex Richard
Letters Typeset

6 page Hercules story "Deviltry At the Defense Exposition"

Characters V: More saboteurs
Genre superhero
Pencils Arthur Peddy?
Inks Arthur Peddy?

9 page Don Glory story "The War Games That Weren't Games"

Characters V: More saboteurs
Genre sports
Pencils Arthur Peddy
Inks Arthur Peddy