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Issue Details

Issue #8
Published July 1952
Cover Price $0.10
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Genre horror

8 page story "Bells of the Damned"

Synopsis Joe travels to Europe to buy famous bells. He discovers that the bells are imbued with the voices of humans who were killed during the bells' manufacture. Midgets & their master attack him. One of the midgets accidentally kills his master. Joe escapes.
Genre horror

7 page story "Fatal Footsteps"

Synopsis Dale buys the shoes of Jack the Ripper. When he puts them on, he kills women. He is chased by the police, loses his shoes in the mud, and is caught. Dale is executed.
Genre horror

2 page Ghost Clinic text story "The Thing in the Well"

Genre horror
Script Doctor Shade

6 page story "Ghost Command"

Genre horror

9 page story "Pages of Death"

Synopsis Alvin invents a drug that lets him enter a book. He tries to enter Little Women but is sent to Tracula instead by a jealous rival. His fiancee tries to rescue him. The rival enters to save the fiancee. He clubs Tracula. Alvin and his fiancee escape.
Genre horror