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Issue Details

Issue #42
Published February 1956
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "Man-Hunter"

Pencils Carl Burgos
Inks Carl Burgos

5 page story "The Village That Cried!"

Synopsis Space explorers do not recognize the life forms that they land amidst.
Pencils Syd Shores
Inks Syd Shores

2 page text story "The Old House"

Letters typeset
Reprinted in Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #45 (April 1957) [as "Look to the Future"]

4 page story "Mental Block"

Synopsis A bird-like alien spy who adopts human form develops a fear of birds and a psychologist attempts to get at what is behind this mental block.
Pencils Bob Forgione
Inks Jack Abel
Notes Art credit from Tom Lammers via the Timely-Atlas Group ( April 2010.

4 page story "What Lurks Out There!"

Synopsis Humans decode a message from space warning other aliens to beware of the human presence on Earth.
Pencils Bob Powell
Inks Bob Powell
Notes Art credit from Tom Lammers via the Timely-Atlas Group ( April 2010.

5 page story "The Man-Hunters"

Synopsis A persecutor of humanoids reads a book that states his parents were humanoids so he calls off his crusade and joins them in the subway tunnels where they have been forced to live.
Pencils Jim Mooney
Inks Jim Mooney

5 page story "Life Or Death"

Synopsis Earth men are threatened with snow cover and conduct a vote whether they will invade another planet or not. When the vote is against invasion, the sunlight breaks through the cloud cover.
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Bob Brown
Inks Bob Brown
Reprinted in Creepy Worlds (Alan Class, 1962 series) #143; in Creepy Worlds (Alan Class, 1962 series) #171