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Issue Details

Issue #33
Published November 1941
Cover Price $0.10
Pages 68
Editing Malcolm Reiss (Editor); S. M. Iger (Feature Editor)

Cover Details - "Stampede Tusks"

Genre jungle
Pencils Dan Zolnerowich
Inks Dan Zolnerowich

12 page Sheena story Stampede Tusks ["Lured by the dark continent's riches, men will..."]

Characters Bob; Chim; Ali Gorrah; Mustapha
Genre jungle
Script ? [as W. Morgan Thomas]
Pencils Robert Webb
Notes The story title is from the cover.

6 page Stuart Taylor story "Stuart and Laura are far Laura..."

Characters Dr. Hayward; Laura; Bluebeard; Bluebeard's wives [Margot; Maria; Bertha; Bettina; Alicia; Agatha; Jemima; Josefina]
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Curt Davis]
Pencils Seymour Reit
Inks Seymour Reit
Notes Could Aldo Rubano be a candidate for Reit's inker?

1 page Bobby filler "I wish I had a little"

Genre children
Script S. M. Iger
Pencils S. M. Iger
Inks S. M. Iger

6 page Midnight The Black Stallion story "Again the wonder horse rides the range, his..."

Characters Mungo Joe; Buck; Mal Villers; Helen; Rick
Genre western
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum

8 page Lightning story "Fred Larkin of the U.S. army transforms..."

Characters General Larkin
Genre superhero
Script ? [as Teller Tales]
Pencils Robert Webb
Inks David Heames?

2 page text story "The Golden Frame"

Characters Pop Hanley; Ralph Dugas; Officer Tom O'Sullivan; Jaynes; Mr. Hardwicke
Genre crime
Script David Roberts
Letters Typeset

7 page Inspector Dayton story "The awful shadow of violent death blots out..."

Characters Larry Swale; Pedro de Karp; Dolores Rey; Sam Bradford; Taylor Kent
Genre detective
Script ? [as George Thatcher]
Pencils Art Saaf
Inks Art Saaf

Half page Pee Wee filler "Watcha cryin' for, Pee Wee?"

Genre gags
Script S. M. Iger
Pencils S. M. Iger
Inks S. M. Iger

Half page advertisement "Illustrated Football Annual"

Genre sports
Script ? (ad copy)
Letters Typeset
Notes Could this magazine have been a Fiction House publication?

8 page ZX-5 Spies In Action story "The famed international agent mixes with "El Toro'..."

Characters Emilo; Erich; Margot Deanne
Genre spy
Script ? [as Major Thorpe]
Pencils Mort Leav
Inks Al Bryant?
Notes Leav signs in last panel.

1 page Jumbo Laffs filler "Cripes! Tune on the radio for the correct..."

Genre gags
Script ? [as I. M. Leffin]
Pencils Bob Kane?
Inks Bob Kane?
Reprinted probably reprints

6 page Tom, Dick, and Harry story "The death defying R.A.F. trio...Tom..."

Genre war
Script ? [as Charles Tansul]
Pencils Maxwell Elkan
Inks Maxwell Elkan; ?
Notes The women are classic Elkan as he would draw them for years to come. Inks are more robust than usual.

6 page The Hawk story "On a tiny West Indian isle a mob..."

Characters Jeremy; Fluth; Caleb; Captain Oliver Scudder
Genre period
Script ? [as Willis Rensie]
Pencils Will Eisner; shop
Inks Will Eisner; shop
Notes More examples of "creative" reuse of Eisner art reworked by shop personnel in the service of a new storyline.
Reprinted Any Eisner art in this story is reprinted from earlier episodes of Hawks of the Seas.