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Issue Details

Issue #63
Published May 1944
Cover Price $0.10
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details - "The Dwarf-Makers"

Genre jungle
Pencils Art Saaf
Inks Art Saaf

12 page Sheena story The Dwarf-Makers ["Bob! What's that you're making?"]

Genre jungle
Script ? [as W. Morgan Thomas]
Pencils Robert Webb?; ? (shop)
Inks ? (shop)
Notes The story title is taken from the cover. Webb is fairly evident on the first two pages but the art quickly fades into generic shop.

6 page ZX-5 Spies In Action story "Night in a German coastal town."

Characters Villain: Grunner; Hilda Grunner (Introduction for both); Nazis
Genre spies
Script ? [as Major Thorpe]
Pencils Arnold Hicks; Alex Blum
Inks Arnold Hicks?; ? (shop)
Notes Alex Blum seems to do touch-ups in a few places, but Hicks is the main artist.

6 page The Hawk story "Many a base and evil sight finds cover..."

Characters Villain: Mrs. Flogg (Introduction)
Genre period
Script ? [as Willis Rensie]
Pencils Robert Webb?; ? (shop)
Inks Ann Brewster?; ? (shop)
Notes This is only superficially Webb. Probably generic Iger shop imitating him.

5 page Stuart Taylor story "The time travelers probe the legend of England's..."

Characters Introduction: Boadicea. Villain: Paulinus (Introduction); Romans
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Curt Davis]
Pencils Homer Fleming?; ? (shop)
Inks Arnold Hicks?; ? (shop)
Notes I keep trying to see Webb on the pencils without any luck. Perhaps it's the less-talented inkers or perhaps these are very rushed jobs. It's also possible that he's simply not here and the shop has assumed some of these strips.

4 page Midnight The Wild Black Stallion story "Oh, it's you, Midnight old boy! So ye..."

Characters Villain: Bart King; Bart King's partner (Introduction, Death for both). Introduction: Mr. Turner; Miss Turner
Genre western
Script ? [as West Erner]
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks ? (shop)

4 page Inspector Dayton and the Creep story "Yeh, inspector Dayton speaking...that you, Creep?"

Characters Villains: Max; Max's girl (Introduction for both)
Genre detective
Script ? [as George Thatcher]
Pencils Alex Blum; ?
Inks Arnold Hicks?; ? (shop)
Notes Alex Blum reworks several of the faces, but he's not that evident in the general pencils.

2 page text story "The Merchantmen Meet a Lorelei"

Script Toni Blum? [as Tom Alexander]
Letters typeset

9 page The Ghost Gallery story ["Confidential Record from the files of Drew Murdoch"] The Esther Reardon case

Characters Villain: Dr. Lamb (Introduction, Death); Esther Reardon (Introduction, Death, R (?)); Dr. Lamb's nurse (Introduction)
Genre mystery
Script ? [as Drew Murdoch]
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum?; ? (shop)