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Issue Details

Issue #109
Published March 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Sheena
Genre Jungle

10 page Sheena story "The Pygmy's Hiss Is Poison"

Characters Sheena; B'Zani (first appearance); Zamba's daughter (first appearance; villain)
Pencils Robert Webb
Inks Robert Webb
Notes title from cover

8 page Hawk story "Hurricane Isle"

Characters Hawk; Bloody Rufe (first appearance; villain; death); Wailuki (first appearance); Lord Kenyon (first appearance); Miss Kenyon (first appearance); a native girl (first appearance)
Pencils Robert Webb
Inks Robert Webb

2 page text story "Night Attack"

Script Henry Wysham Lanier
Letters typeset

6 page ZX-5 story "The Ghost Town Gold Grab"

Pencils Jack Kamen
Inks Jack Kamen

6 page Sky Girl story "Blood On the Typewriter, By Etaoin Shrdlu"

Characters Sky Girl [Ginger Maguire]; Etaoin Shrdlu (first appearance); Baxter (first appearance); Killer (first appearance; villain); Chief (first appearance; villain)
Pencils Matt Baker?
Inks Matt Baker?
Notes Only change in the reprint is the change in the feature heading from Sky Girl to Sky Gal.
Reprinted in Sky Gal (AC, 1993 series) #1 (1993)

5 page Stuart Taylor story "Stuyvesant and the Smugglers"

Characters Stuart Taylor; Peter Stuyvesant (first appearance); Mohica (first appearance); Van Dorn (first appearance; villain; death?)
Pencils Jack Kamen
Inks Jack Kamen

8 page Ghost Gallery story "The Last Killing of Cal Von Huss"

Characters Adolf Hitler (villain; death); Carl Von Huss (first appearance; villain; death); Konrad (first appearance; villain); Nazis (villains); Julia McCrae (first appearance)
Pencils Jack Kamen
Inks Jack Kamen