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Issue Details

Issue #120
Published February 1949
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Sheena
Genre Jungle

11 page Sheena story "The Beast-Pack Howls the Moon"

Characters Sheena; Steve (first appearance); Cal (first appearance); N'Demo (first appearance); M'Bogo (first appearance); N'Demo (first appearance)
Pencils Robert Webb
Inks Robert Webb
Notes title from cover

8 page Ghost Gallery story "Frenchy's Ghost"

Characters Frenchy (first appearance; a ghost); Packey (first appearance); Mike (first appearance); Mabel (first appearance; villain; death); Pete (first appearance; villain; death)
Pencils Jack Kamen
Inks Jack Kamen

6 page Stuart Taylor story "Rasputin's Revolution"

Characters Stuart Taylor; Rasputin (first appearance; villain); Ivan (first appearance; villain); other Cossacks (first appearance; villains); Czar Nicholas and his Czarina (first appearance); a hypnotist (first appearance)
Pencils Jack Kamen
Inks Jack Kamen
Notes Not to be confused with real history!

6 page ZX-5 story "The Phony Fire Device"

Characters Betty Rand (first appearance; villain); Joe (first appearance; villain); Pat (first appearance; villain); Prof. Dixon (first appearance; death)
Pencils Jack Kamen
Inks Jack Kamen

2 page text story "The White Flower"

Script Toni Blum [as Tom Alexander]
Letters typeset

6 page Sky Girl story "King Hubert of Holgium"

Characters Sky Girl [Ginger Maguire]; King Hubert (first appearance); Count Hugo (first appearance; villain); Count Ugo (first appearance; villain); a midget (first appearance; villain)
Pencils Matt Baker
Inks Matt Baker

8 page Hawk story "Latouche the Pirate"

Characters Hawk; Marcel Latouche (first appearance; villain; death); Marie (first appearance; villain); Pierre Sablon (first appearance)
Pencils Robert Webb
Inks Robert Webb