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Issue Details

Issue #85
Published January 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing J. F. Byrne (Managing Editor); John C. Mitchell (Editor)

Cover Details - "Brides for the Man-Apes"

Genre jungle

10 page KaƤnga story Brides For the Man-Apes ["Spawned by hatred and tortured by greed, the..."]

Characters Roho (introduction, villain, death); N'Gula (introduction, villain); N'Tito (introduction, villain, death)
Synopsis N'Tito is an ape with a human brain.
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Frank Riddell]
Pencils John Celardo (signed)
Inks John Celardo (signed)
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.

6 page Simba, King of Beasts story "Beneath the waving grasses of jungle veldt...where..."

Characters A man (introduction); a woman (introduction); their son (introduction)
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Ed Hunt]
Pencils August Froehlich (signed)
Inks August Froehlich (signed)

6 page Captain Terry Thunder story "Tortured words ripped from the lips of a..."

Characters Ali Khan (introduction, villain); Damasca (introduction)
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Pierre La Rue]
Pencils Bob Lubbers (signed)
Inks Bob Lubbers (signed)

4 page Men of Adventure text story "No. 1: Cecil Rhodes"

Characters Cecil Rhodes
Synopsis Cecil Rhodes biography.
Genre fact
Pencils George Evans
Inks George Evans
Letters typeset
Notes Illustrated text story.

6 page Wambi, The Jungle Boy story "Greed--the lust for money--filled their evil..."

Characters Carol (introduction, villain, death); Martin (introduction, villain, death)
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Roy L. Smith]
Pencils Alex Blum; John Forte?
Inks Jack Kamen?

2 page Jungle Lore story "Jungle Traps"

Genre jungle
Pencils Mike Peppe?
Inks Mike Peppe?

6 page Tabu story "Deep in the steaming brush, where death is..."

Characters Sikulu (introduction, villain, death); Paula (introduction); Paula's father (introduction); N'Mzani (introduction); N'Mzani's daughter (introduction)
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Mack]
Pencils Howard Larsen
Inks Howard Larsen

8 page Camilla story "The age-old smoky pearls foretold - deep in the..."

Characters Cronin (introduction, villain, death); Lewis (introduction, villain, death); Trader Tom (introduction); Kaaru (introduction, death); Naga (introduction)
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Victor Ibsen]
Pencils Fran Hopper
Inks Fran Hopper; Maurice Whitman?
Notes Cronin is named for comics editor Ed Cronin. (JV - how does anyone know this?)