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Issue Details

Issue #104
Published August 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing J.F. Byrne (Managing Editor); John C. Mitchell (Editor)

Cover Details - "Kaänga The Magnificent"

Genre jungle
Pencils John Celardo
Inks John Celardo

10 page Kaänga story " 'Beware!' said Kaänga, lord of the jungle, to..."

Genre jungle
Script ? [as Frank Riddell]
Pencils John Celardo (signed)
Inks John Celardo (signed)

6 page Simba, King of Beasts story "These are the rascals of the jungle - hoodlums..."

Genre jungle
Pencils August Froehlich
Inks August Froehlich

7 page Captain Terry Thunder story "Patrolling and keeping peace in a vast jungle domain..."

Genre jungle
Script ? [as Pierre La Rue]
Pencils Charles Sultan
Inks Charles Sultan

2 page Jungle Facts filler "The Arnee, or water buffalo, like all bovine..."

Genre jungle; fact
Pencils Mike Peppe
Inks Mike Peppe

6 page Wambi, The Jungle Boy story "Beware,Wambi. Trouble, violence and death treks in..."

Genre jungle
Script ? [as Roy L. Smith]
Pencils Frank Doyle (signed)
Inks Frank Doyle (signed)

2 page text story "Congo Justice"

Genre jungle
Script ? [as John Starr]
Letters typeset

6 page Tabu story "Mamba! Witch of Death!"

Genre jungle
Script ? [as Mack]
Pencils Maurice Whitman (signed)
Inks Maurice Whitman (signed)

8 page Camilla story I'll Kill You, Camilla! ["A slime-smeared figure staggered from the murky waters..."]

Genre jungle
Script ? [as Victor Ibsen]
Pencils Matt Baker
Inks Ray Osrin?