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Issue Details

Issue #97
Published May 1944
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Jo King

Cover Details

4 page Blondie story

Genre humor
Pencils Chic Young
Inks Chic Young
Reprinted 1942

4 page Lone Ranger story

Genre Western
Script Fran Striker
Pencils Charles Flanders
Inks Charles Flanders
Reprinted 9/27/42

1 page Dun-Dums story

Pencils Bob Dunn
Inks Bob Dunn

4 page Barney Baxter in the Air story

Script Frank Miller
Pencils Frank Miller
Inks Frank Miller
Reprinted 1943

1 page Private Buck story

Pencils Clyde Lewis
Inks Clyde Lewis

4 page Mandrake the Magician story "Mystery of the Girls with Red Hair"

Genre Adventure; Superhero
Script Lee Falk
Pencils Phil Davis
Inks Phil Davis
Notes cont
Reprinted 1942

4 page Flash Gordon story

Genre Science Fiction
Script Alex Raymond
Pencils Alex Raymond
Inks Alex Raymond
Reprinted 1943

2 page Sport Features story

Genre Sports
Pencils Burnley
Inks Burnley

1 page Henry story

Genre humor
Pencils Carl Anderson
Inks Carl Anderson
Reprinted 1942

4 page The Phantom story "Castle in the Clouds"

Script Lee Falk
Pencils Ray Moore; Wilson McCoy
Inks Ray Moore; Wilson McCoy
Notes cont

3 page Little Annie Rooney story

Script Brandon Walsh
Pencils Nicholas Afonsky [as N. Afonsky]
Inks Nicholas Afonsky [as N. Afonsky]
Reprinted 1942

4 page Thimble Theatre starring Popeye story

Genre humor
Pencils Bill Zaboly
Inks Bill Zaboly
Reprinted 1942

1 page Bringing Up Father story

Pencils George McManus
Inks George McManus
Reprinted 1942

4 page Sergeant Pat of Radio Patrol story

Script Eddie Sullivan
Pencils Charles Schmidt
Inks Charles Schmidt
Reprinted 1942

1 page Henry story

Genre humor
Pencils Carl Anderson
Inks Carl Anderson
Reprinted 1942

4 page Brick Bradford story

Script William Ritt
Pencils Clarence Gray
Inks Clarence Gray
Reprinted 1943

Half page The Little King story

Pencils Otto Soglow
Inks Otto Soglow
Notes 1 1/2s

1 page Captain Tootsie advertisement "Bumbershoot Jump"

Script Rod Reed
Pencils C. C. Beck
Inks C. C. Beck