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Issue #60
Published June 1953
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Alvin
Genre children

8 page Little Lulu story "Rich Little Poor Boy"

Characters Little Lulu; Annie; Gregory Gallant; Tubby
Synopsis Lulu accidentally appears in a photo with a stuck-up young movie actor named Gregory Gallant.
Genre children

7 page Little Lulu story "Red Faces"

Characters Little Lulu; Annie; Tubby
Synopsis The Fellers keep wetting Lulu and Annie's dresses with water pistols.
Genre children

6 page Little Lulu story "Unfair Exchange"

Characters Little Lulu; Wilbur; Officer O'Hara; Gertie
Synopsis Lulu's T-bone steak bone becomes mixed up with Wilbur's mother's string of pearls.
Genre children

4 page Little Lulu story "Queen Lulu"

Characters Little Lulu; Tubby
Synopsis Lulu claims she can get the West Side gang to bow down and kiss her feet.
Genre children

4 page Tubby story "Tub Solves a Case Over the Phode"

Characters Tubby; Little Lulu
Synopsis Tubby is in bed with a head cold, but he solves the case of Lulu's pop's missing coat anyway.
Genre children
Reprinted in Marge's Little Lulu (Gold Key, 1962 series) #187

8 page Witch Hazel story "That Ol' Witch, Hazel, and the Magic Crown"

Characters Little Lulu; Alvin; Witch Hazel
Synopsis Lulu tells Alvin about when Hazel made her try to get the magic crown for her.
Genre children

2 page Little Lulu text story "Lulus Diry"

Characters Little Lulu
Genre children
Letters typeset
Notes Text with illustrations

8 page Tubby story "The Parrotnapper"

Characters Tubby; Wilbur; Miss Feeny
Synopsis Tubby kidnaps Miss Feeny's parrot so that he can then return it and get in good with Miss Feeny.
Genre children

1 page Tubby story "Animal Hospital"

Characters Tubby
Genre children