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Issue #120
Published June 1958
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Genre Children

7 page Little Lulu story "Wild Flowers"

Characters Annie, Tubby
Synopsis The Fellers hear Lulu is making cupcakes, so they bring her wild flowers.
Genre Children

1 page Little Lulu story "TV Western"

Characters Alvin
Genre Children

6 page Little Lulu story "The Flatterer"

Characters Annie, Tubby, Wilbur, Iggy
Synopsis Tubby collects a school picture of each of the kids for his rogues’ gallery.
Genre Children

3 page Little Lulu story "Falling Star"

Characters Annie
Synopsis Lulu and Annie dress up as a tall grownup to get into the theater with one ticket.
Genre Children

1 page Tubby story "On the Phone"

Characters Litte Lulu
Genre Children

7 page Little Lulu story "A Backwards Tale"

Characters Alvin
Synopsis Lulu tells Alvin about when a little girl’s head did an “Exorcist” and turned backwards.
Genre Children
Letters typeset

1 page text story "Lulus Diry"

Genre Children

5 page Tubby story "Week-Old Doughnut"

Synopsis Tubby knocks a robber cold with a stale doughnut from the Sunset Diner.
Genre Children
Reprinted in Marge's Little Lulu (Gold Key, 1962 series) #184