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Issue Details

Issue #61
Published November 1940
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Whitney Ellsworth

Cover Details

Characters Doctor Fate
Genre occult; superhero
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Howard Sherman
Reprinted in Immortal Doctor Fate, The (DC, 1985 series) #3; in Golden Age Spectre Archives (DC, 2003 series) #1; in Golden Age Doctor Fate Archives (DC, 2007 series) #1

10 page Spectre story "The Golden Curse Deaths"

Characters The Spectre [Jim Corrigan}; The Chief; Clarice Winston; Wayne Grant; V: "The Spectre" [Gustaf Gilroy][I, D].
Synopsis Detective Corrigan is given orders to hunt down and arrest the Spectre for doing such a good job rounding up the criminal element of the city and making the Police look bad.....and he does the "Spectre", only a false one!
Genre superhero; occult
Script Jerry Siegel (signed)
Pencils Bernard Baily (signed)
Inks Bernard Baily (signed)
Letters Bernard Baily
Notes The Spectre lives in Center City. Letterer credit and synopsis added by Craig Delich 11-08-07.
Reprinted in Golden Age Spectre Archives (DC, 2003 series) #1

4 page Detective Sergeant Carey story "The Mystery Plane"

Characters Sergeant Carey; Sleepy; Henshaw; Jones.
Synopsis Carey investigates sabotage at a plant building a new airplane.
Genre detective
Script Joe Donohoe
Pencils Joe Donohoe (signed)
Inks Joe Donohoe (signed)

7 page Congo Bill story "The Madman of the Jungle"

Characters Congo Bill; Prof Kent; Allen Colby; Jean Villon.
Synopsis Bill helps an escaped convict prove his innocence.
Genre jungle
Script Whitney Ellsworth?
Pencils George Papp (signed)
Inks George Papp (signed)

6 page Captain Desmo story "Mystery of the Mermaid's Brother"

Characters Captain Desmo; Gabby McGuire; Captain Smythe; Trudy West; Count Lindar.
Synopsis In Hong Kong, Capt Desmo corrales a ring of spies that use a submarine for their base.
Genre adventure; aviation
Pencils Ed Winiarski [signed as Win]
Inks Ed Winiarski [signed as Win]

Half page Silly Situations filler

Genre humor
Script Hal Sherman (signed)
Pencils Hal Sherman (signed)
Inks Hal Sherman (signed)

6 page Radio Squad story "The Warehouse Flames"

Characters Radio Squad: Larry Trent and Sandy Kean; Manny Wein; Mr. Dexter.
Synopsis Larry and Sandy investigate an arson case that seems to be tied to the mayoral election.
Genre detective
Script Jerry Siegel (signed)
Pencils Chad Grothkopf (signed)
Inks Chad Grothkopf (signed)

2 page text story "Blue Lights"

Genre adventure
Script Albert Summers (signed)
Pencils Fred Ray (signed)
Inks Fred Ray (signed)
Letters typeset

7 page Lt. Bob Neal story "Assassin"

Characters Bob Neal; Tubby; King Peter; Maria; Prince Frederic.
Synopsis Bob is caught up in a war between Moravia and Bulgonia.
Genre war
Script Robert Hirsch (signed)
Pencils Rusty Lehman (signed)
Inks Russ Lehman (signed)

6 page Biff Bronson story "Prisoner of Dr. Zabkin"

Characters Biff Bronson; Colosso; V: Dr. Zabkin; Titan
Synopsis Dr. Zabkin has a formula that can make men either bigger or smaller.
Genre adventure
Script Albert Sulman (signed)
Pencils Joe Sulman (signed)
Inks Joe Sulman (signed)

6 page Red Coat Patrol story "The Mountain Trail Sniper"

Characters Sgt. O'Malley; Black Hawk
Synopsis Black Hawk and 0'Malley chase a bandit through the hills.
Genre adventure
Pencils Jack Lehti (signed)
Inks Jack Lehti (signed)

6 page Doctor Fate story "Menace of the Nebula"

Characters Doctor Fate [Kent Nelson]; Inza Kramer; V: The Globe Men.
Synopsis A mysterious space globe threatens to rip Earth out of its orbit, so Dr. Fate journeys to the planet of the Globe Men to take out their menace forever. Then he spends the last page defeating a mad scientist in South America.
Genre occult; superhero
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Howard Sherman
Letters Howard Sherman
Notes Dr. Fate wears no gloves and his cape is yellow again. Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 11-08-07.
Reprinted in Golden Age Doctor Fate Archives (DC, 2007 series) #1