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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published March 1950
Frequency Bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details - "My Intimate Affair"

Synopsis A woman with her hair down sits at her dressing table. A man is seen reflected in her mirror. He is using the telephone. The woman peers seductively over her shoulder and asks him, "Can't that business wait?"
Genre Romance

10 page story "I Sold My Love"

Characters Eve Booth; Larry Booth (fireman, Eve's first husband); Ken Rand (Eve's second husband)
Synopsis Eve Booth, a young widow, seeks a rich husband at a posh resort. She marries Ken Rand but discovers he is a vicious card shark. She regrets having married him. When Rand is killed in a police shoot-out, Eve looks forward to a better life.
Genre Romance
Notes Story begins on inside front cover.

10 page story "I Was a Farmer's Girl"

Characters Opal Roberts; Prescott Taylor; Zelda Williams
Synopsis Opal Roberts, a rich city girl, marries Prescott Taylor, an agricultural school graduate, and cheerfully works beside him on his dilapidated farm. When she suspects her husband is having an affair with neighbor Zelda Williams, she returns to the city and contemplates divorce. A visit from Zelda convinces her of his innocence and Opal returns happily to her husband.
Genre Romance

2 page text story "My Love Was a Secret"

Characters Mary; Silver Boy
Synopsis Mary and Silver Boy, a radio crooner, are husband and wife. Silver Boy asks Mary to keep their marriage a secret to hoodwink his many teenage female fans who like to think him an eligible bachelor. Mary grows suspicious at this request and believes her husband may be a philanderer or (worse) a bigamist, and plots to expose him during his radio show. Silver Boy however announces his marriage on the show, and, spotting Mary in the audience, calls her to the stage. The couple embrace to audience applause and Mary asks his forgiveness for her suspicions.
Genre Romance
Letters typeset

9 page story "Foreign Born!"

Characters Olga Bardo; Tod Longa
Synopsis Olga Bardo grows up embarassed about her ethnicity, her parents, and her home. She gets a job in a large office and happily dates a co-worker, Tod Longa, but keeps her home life a secret. Tod discovers Olga is embarassed about her home and parents. He too is foreign born but proud of his heritage. He resents Olga's feelings and drops her. Olga grows closer to her parents and learns to appreciate her background. Tod re-enters her life and they resume their relationship.
Genre Romance

1 page advertisement "Send Today"

Synopsis A full-page ad for a variety of mail-order merchandise: Joe Palooka 'Bop' Bag (punching bag), Cuddles (doll), Tune King (accordion), All-American Fishing Outfit (fishing rod), and "Bashful Bunny" (mechanical rabbit).
Script ? (ad copy)

1 page advertisement "Kill These Hair-Destroying Germs with Ward's Formula"

Synopsis Full-page hair care ad.
Script ? (ad copy)

1 page advertisement "Miss Lee - Fashions, Inc."

Synopsis Full-page ad for two mail-order dresses: "Cover Girl" and "Moire Magic".
Script ? (ad copy)
Notes Inside back cover.

1 page advertisement "America's Smartest Cottons"

Synopsis Full-page ad for three mail-order dresses: "Favorita", "2-Piece Pastel", and "Light 'n Dark".
Script ? (ad copy)
Notes Back cover.