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Issue Details

Issue #52
Published October 1956
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "They Wait in the Caves!"

Pencils Bill Everett
Inks Bill Everett
Reprinted in Vault of Evil (Marvel, 1973 series) #10

4 page story "The Effigy"

Synopsis A criminal takes an effigy from a voodoo cult so that they cannot use it to compel him to surrender himself to the police.
Pencils Wally Wood
Inks Wally Wood
Reprinted in Book of the Dead (Marvel, 1993 series) #4

4 page story "Iron Face!"

Synopsis When the communists come up with a machine that can read minds, NATO takes a short soldier and supplies him with a fake head that contains instructions for leading the commies into a trap.
Pencils Bob Powell
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4 page story "The Secret of the Iron Needle!"

Synopsis Space explorers realize, when the planet they are examining runs down, the giant needle they've found is not a natural phenomenon but the winding key of a giant toy.
Pencils John Forte
Inks John Forte

3 page story "The Last Laugh!"

Synopsis A ruthless businessman is sure that he is the reincarnation of someone important from medieval times, but when he does journey back into time he finds that he was...the court jester.
Pencils Pete Morisi
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2 page text story "Mystery Pupil"

Characters Colin; Mr. Plum; Gertrude
Synopsis A dull teacher earns accolades by accidentally helping capture a Martian criminal.
Genre science fiction
Letters typeset
Reprinted in Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #48 (August 1957) [as "The New Pupil"]; in Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #51 (March 1959); in Strange Tales (Marvel, 1951 series) #77 (October 1960); in Tales of Suspense (Marvel, 1951 series) #24 (December 1961); in Strange Tales (Marvel, 1951 series) #97 (Jun 1962); in Creepy Worlds (Alan Class, 1962 series) #148; in Marvel Mastwerworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense (Marvel, 2006 series) #3 (2010)

4 page story "They Wait in the Caves!"

Synopsis A man finds an island abundant with pearls and gives the location to his friend. When the friend arrives, the natives destroy his boat to keep him from revealing the island's location to anyone else.
Pencils Mort Drucker
Inks Mort Drucker
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Reprinted in Vault of Evil (Marvel, 1973 series) #10

4 page story "The Land of Missing Persons"

Synopsis A mad scientist uses a ray to capture planes that fly over his hidden mountain fortress to enslave workers in order to build his futuristic city for him. He is arrested and his city destroyed by a detective.
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