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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published January 1954
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?
Notes Indexed from a scanned copy.

Cover Details - "Fountain of Fear"

Genre Horror
Notes Indexed from a scanned copy.

1 page advertisement "Chewing Gum! Reduce"

Synopsis Ad for losing weight with chewing gum from American Healthaids Co.
Notes Inside front cover. Also includes indicia.

6 page story "Fountain of Fear"

Synopsis An escaped convict finds the fountain of youth.
Genre Horror

1 page story "The Black Candle"

Genre Horror

Half page advertisement "Boys, Girls, Men, Women!"

Synopsis Ad for selling Christian mottos to win prizes from the FUNman.

Half page Horror's Scrapbook filler "Buhram..."

Characters Buhram
Synopsis Weird facts.
Genre Fact

7 page story "The Coin of Evil"

Genre Horror
Script W. W. Jacobs (original story); ? (adaptation)
Pencils Nick Cardy ?
Notes Adapted from the story "The Monkey's Paw". See

Half page advertisement "Borrow Money by Mail!"

Synopsis Ad to borrow money from the State Finance Company.

Half page activity "Horror Maze"

2 page text story "Hands of Fate"

Genre Horror
Script Gordon Jones (credited)
Letters Typeset

4 page story "The Prophecy"

Synopsis Carlotta sees death in the cards for thief Chuck Hanson.
Genre Horror

2 page story "Aria in Blood"

Synopsis An attempt to get the lead role in an opera goes terribly wrong.
Genre Horror

1 page story "The Man They Could Not Hang"

Characters Sam Johns
Synopsis Sam Johns is sentenced to hang for a crime he didn't commit, but the trap on the scaffold refuses to open when he is about to be hung.
Genre Fact

5 page story "The Wig"

Synopsis A barber kills a man and steals his hair for a wig, but the wig seeks revenge.
Genre Horror
Pencils Mike Roy (signed)
Inks Mike Roy (signed)

2 page story "The Mask of Graffenwehr"

Characters Tamis Kahn
Synopsis Tamis Kahn gazes into the face of a woman he killed earlier in the day.
Genre Horror
Pencils Alex Nino
Inks Alex Nino

1 page advertisement "Gain More Weight"

Synopsis Ad for More-Wate Co.
Notes Inside back cover.

1 page advertisement "Daisy"

Synopsis Ad for Red Ryder Daisy guns.
Notes On back cover of comic.