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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published May 1954
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36

Cover Details - "Look Out for the Cannibal"

Genre Horror

7 page story "The Fearful Night"

Synopsis A man tries to steal a treasure from witches, but inadvertently becomes their pawn.
Genre Horror

5 page story "The Recluse"

Characters A woman marries an ugly old recluse who is reputed to have a fortune stashed in his home. He knows that she only wants the money, but he will have to be forced to reveal its location.
Genre Horror

7 page story "The Cannibal!"

Synopsis A policeman worries about the girl he loves, as there is a cannibal on the loose. It turns out that he needn't worry about her, but should fear for his own safety.
Genre Horror

2 page text story "Flower of Evil"

Genre Horror
Script John Michel
Letters typeset
Notes Text with spot illustrations.

Half page filler "Gallery of Horror"

Genre fact

Half page filler "Man from the Grave"

Genre fact

Half page filler "Chilly Chuckles"

Genre Gags

6 page story "Don't Look Behind"

Synopsis A man who ordinarily terrorizes others finds himself stalked by a shadowy killer. The perpetrator turns out to be the supernatural embodiment of the victim's own evil nature.
Genre Horror