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Issue #2
Published November 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing ?

Cover Details

Genre Funny Animal

credits "Contents page"

Porky Pig story

Characters Porky Pig; Jimmy Cagney (cameo); Groucho (cameo); Harpo (cameo); Dorthy Lamour (cameo); Jimmy Stewart (cameo); Leon Schlesinger (cameo); Bugs Bunny (cameo); Elmer Fudd (cameo)
Genre Funny Animal

Tortoise Beats Hare story

Characters Bugs Bunny; Chester Tortoise
Genre Funny Animal
Notes cartoon adaption with Bugs Bunny and Chester Tortoise

Sniffles (with Mary Jane) story

Elmer and Bugs' Bunny story

Pencils George Storm?
Notes note the ' in Bugs name.

Pat - Patsy- and Pete story

Pencils George Storm?
Notes (c) R.S. Calender

Adventures of Porky story

Genre Funny Animal

Little Blabber-Mouse (Secret Six) text story

Letters typeset

Bugs Bunny story

Genre Funny Animal
Pencils George Storm
Inks George Storm

Porky's Hollywood Sketch Book story

Notes illustrations of Hollywood Stars

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Pencils A
Inks A