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Issue Details

Issue #184
Published February 1957
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd
Genre funny animal

1 page Bugs Bunny story "Tricking the waiter"

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd
Synopsis Bugs recites a list of items to Elmer, his waiter. After Elmer has written the long order, Bugs then decides just to have a sandwich and glass of water.
Genre funny animal
Notes Inside front cover; black and white.

11 page Bugs Bunny story "Cursed Spanish gold"

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd; Uncle Buckskin
Synopsis Uncle Buckskin comes to visit Bugs. He has an old rawhide purse that produces an endless supply of gold Spanish doubloons. The catch is that bad luck always happens after gold is taken from the purse.
Genre funny animal

4 page Porky Pig story "Charity Barn Dance"

Characters Porky Pig; Cicero Pig; Petunia Pig; Elmer Fudd (cameo); Yosemite Sam (cameo)
Synopsis Porky uses Cicero's new invention, a sled attached to a modified reel-type power lawn mover, to take Petunia to a charity barn dance in wintery weather.
Genre funny animal

6 page Daffy Duck story "Yosemite Sam's mountain cabin"

Characters Daffy Duck; Yosemite Sam
Synopsis Yosemite Sam is secluded in a snowbound mountain cabin to write the story of his life, but is harrassed by Daffy, who's looking for a warm place to stay.
Genre funny animal

1 page [Bugs Bunny] text story "The New Customer"

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd
Synopsis Elmer is selling homemade nerve tonic.
Genre funny animal
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with one 1/4 page illustration.

4 page Mary Jane and Sniffles story "Redbeard the Pirate"

Characters Mary Jane; Sniffles; Mary Jane's mother; Mary Jane's father
Synopsis While visiting a museum, Mary Jane and Sniffles explore a model pirate ship, only to find that Redbeard the Pirate has kidnapped a Dresdan doll and is holding her prisoner.
Genre fantasy; funny animal; children
Pencils Al Hubbard
Inks Al Hubbard

5 page Tweety and Sylvester story "Sylvester goes ice-fishing"

Characters Tweety; Sylvester
Synopsis Sylvester goes ice-fishing, then enters a skating contest. Tweety "helps" him.
Genre funny animal

Half page Daffy Questions activity "What word is made shorter by adding one syllable?"

Characters Daffy Duck
Genre funny animal
Notes Five one-panel riddles with the answers upside-down at the bottom of the panel.

Half page advertisement "We love those cough drops..."

Characters Smith Brothers
Letters typeset
Notes Illustrated ad in panel form for Smith Brothers wild cherry cough drops.
Reprinted in Looney Tunes #185 (March 1957)

1 page Cicero story "Building a bird house"

Characters Cicero Pig
Synopsis Cicero builds a bird house for a tiny tree.
Genre funny animal
Notes Inside back cover, black and white.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Here is a free gift from Bugs Bunny..."

Characters Bugs Bunny
Letters typeset
Notes Back cover. Promo for subscriptions to Looney Tunes comics. Rate is 12 issues for $1.20 with premium of red and blue vinyl wallet.