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Issue Details

Issue #190
Published August 1957
Cover Price $0.10
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Bugs Bunny
Genre funny animal

1 page Nothing Does It like Seven-Up advertisement "There's a thirsty monkey in the zoo,"

Genre teen
Letters typeset
Notes Inside front cover; color: Illustrated ad for 7-Up soft drink. Part of "Nothing Does It Like 7-Up" campaign.

10 page Bugs Bunny story "Hill-side home with a gold mine in back"

Characters Bugs Bunny: Porky Pig; Petunia Pig; Elmer Fudd; Cicero Pig (cameo)
Synopsis First lines: "View-site homes... Oh, brother! Those prices just to live on a lookout perch! Who wants a view, anyway?"
Genre funny animal
Notes The "expensive" homes advertised on a billboard cost $23,950.

5 page Porky Pig story "Petunia's Birthday"

Characters Porky Pig; Daffy Duck; Petunia Pig
Synopsis First line: "Why do you have today's date circled, Porky?"
Genre funny animal

1 page [Daffy Duck] text story "Sombrero Safari"

Characters Daffy Duck; Elmer Fudd
Synopsis Daffy tries to trick Elmer into taking him along on an airplane trip.
Genre funny animal
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with one 1/4 page illustration.

4 page Mary Jane and Sniffles story "Birdcage Music Box"

Characters Mary Jane; Sniffles; Mary Jane's mother
Synopsis First line: "Oh, Mother, just look at that lovely bird! Do you suppose we could go inside and see it?"
Genre fantasy; funny animal
Pencils Al Hubbard
Inks Al Hubbard

6 page Tweety and Sylvester story "The Not-so-Invisible Puddy Tat"

Characters Tweety; Sylvester
Synopsis First line: "Oh-Oh! When that twuck hit that bump a box bounced wight out into the woad!"
Genre funny animal
Pencils Harvey Eisenberg
Inks Harvey Eisenberg

5 page Daffy story "Fortune Card Foul-up"

Characters Daffy Duck; Elmer Fudd; Porky Pig (cameo)
Synopsis First line: "What's the matter with that clock? It's been at twelve for the last hour!"
Genre funny animal

1 page advertisement "The 'Action-engineered' AMF Roadster"

Letters typeset
Notes Illustrated ad for AMF Roadmaster bicycles. the "Flying Falcon" model is depicted.

1 page advertisement "Juicy Fruit Gum Safety Quiz"

Letters typeset
Notes Inside back cover; color; ad for Wrigley's Juicy Fruit chewing gum, which contains a "find the errors" black and white drawing emphasizing summer outdoors safety at a cookout.

1 page advertisement "Cracker-Jack offers you this..."

Letters typeset
Notes Back cover; illustrated ad for Cracker-Jack snack featuring personalized "glow-in-the-dark" name plates as mail-in premium. Sample depicted has the name "Elden Priestly" on it, which may be a parody of "Elvis Presley."