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Issue Details

Issue #236
Published June 1961
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd
Genre funny animal
Letters typeset

1 page advertisement "This is a Moosegoose"

Letters typeset
Notes Inside front cover; color. Illustrated ad for Kraft Caramels candy. Part of "hybrid animals" series. Ad includes tagline: "See Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall, NBC-TV, Wednesday nights"

9 page Bugs Bunny story "Perilous Passage"

Characters Bugs Bunny
Synopsis Two little green men from the center of the Earth accidently break into Bugs' burrow on their way to gather sunshine to defeat the light-sensitive "clod people" who have conquered their city. After finding that sunshine can't be gathered in sacks, the little men take Bugs' flashlight back to fight the clods. Bugs tags along to help.
Genre funny animal; science fiction
Notes Both the green men and the clods speak passable English, though no explanation is given.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Jet to Hollywood!"

Characters Chuck Connors (as The Rifleman) (cameo)
Letters typeset
Notes Promo for the Dell Comics Contest. Entrants have to write in 25 words or less who their favorite Dell comics character is and why. First prize is a jet trip to Hollywood with tours of TV and movie studios and a day at Disneyland. There are also 2,999 other prizes. Promo comes between pages two and three of the Bugs Bunny story.

4 page Daffy Duck story "A Fling in the Ring"

Characters Daffy Duck; Elmer Fudd
Synopsis Elmer is practicing to be an actor. Daffy tricks him into becoming a sparring partner for boxer Muscles Mike by altering a sign to read "starring partner."
Genre funny animal
Reprinted in Beep Beep the Road Runner (Gold Key, 1966 series) #23 (April 1971)

1 page [Cicero Pig] text story "Baseball Doll"

Characters Cicero Pig; Cicero's cousin Cynthia; Petunia Pig (cameo)
Synopsis Cicero had planned to play baseball, but his cousin Cynthia has come to visit and he must take her to the game. She turns out to be a better pitcher than Cicero and wins the game.
Genre funny animal; sports
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with one 1/4 page illustration.

2 page Dell Trading Post promo (ad from the publisher) "Start Trading Now!"

Characters Yogi Bear (cameo)
Letters typeset
Notes Two page promo across the centerfold for the Dell Trading Post. Title strips of Dell comics plus cash could be redeemed for various prizes.

6 page Porky Pig story "Alarm Clock Blues"

Characters Porky Pig; Cicero Pig; Elmer Fudd (cameo); Bugs Bunny (cameo); Petunia Pig (cameo)
Synopsis After breaking his alarm clock, Porky rigs up a Rube Goldberg-type device to wake him up in the morning. In the meantime a "mandaliya monk" escapes from the zoo and ends up in Porky's house.
Genre funny animal

3 page Mary Jane and Sniffles story "Out of Tune"

Characters Mary Jane; Sniffles
Synopsis Mary Jane's musical instruments are out-of-tune. She and Sniffles go to Tuneland where they find King Clear Note has been captured by Sour Note.
Genre fantasy; funny animal; children
Pencils Al Hubbard
Inks Al Hubbard

5 page Tweety and Sylvester story "Tweety's Tweat"

Characters Tweety; Sylvester; Granny
Synopsis Tweety is tempted to steal cherries from the neighbor's tree.
Genre funny animal

Half page Bugs Bunny story "Beach Boy"

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd
Synopsis Elmer takes a staged picture of Bugs on a surfboard.
Genre funny animal
Notes Pantomime story.

Half page advertisement "Super Jets"

Characters Commander Jets
Letters typeset
Notes Illustrated ad for Red Ball Super Jets tennis shoes. Ball-Band, Mishawaka, Ind. Part of "Commander Jets Says:" series.

1 page Daffy Duck story "Pose Problem"

Characters Daffy Duck; Elmer Fudd
Synopsis Daffy has to adapt his painting when his model, Elmer, falls asleep.
Genre funny animal
Notes Inside back cover; black and white; Pantomime story.

1 page advertisement "New Schwinn Flying Star"

Letters typeset
Notes Back cover; color. Illustrated ad for Schwinn bicycles. Flying Star model girls bicycle ($44.88) is depicted. Arnold, Schwinn, & Co., Chicago, Ill.