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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published August 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Notes indica reads published bi-monthly by the Hawley Publications Inc.

Cover Details

Genre Western; Adventure; War; Humor
Pencils Fred Harman (signed)
Inks Fred Harman
Notes indica reads published bi-monthly by the Hawley Publications Inc.

1 page filler

Synopsis Six black and white photographs of Fred Harman and his ranch with two spot drawings of Red Ryder and Little Beaver.
Pencils ? (photograph); ? (illustrations)
Inks ? (photograph); ? (illustrations)
Notes Inside front cover.

12 page Red Ryder story

Characters Red Ryder; Little Beaver; Po-Ko
Synopsis A circus comes to town and Yaqui Joe steals a prize Arabian horse.
Genre Western
Script Fred Harman
Pencils Fred Harman (signed)
Inks Fred Harman (signed)
Notes Original material exclusive for the comic book? One panel has 6-2.

5 page Yanks In the R. A. F. story

Characters Pal Peyton
Synopsis Pal Peyton, ex all-american football star, has organized and financed a band of freelance aviators whose mission is to aid small nations in their struggles against agression.
Genre War
Notes Original material.

5 page Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48 story

Characters Dan Dunn
Synopsis Arriving at the capital Dan Dunn calls the Governor at a private number.....
Genre Crime
Script Norman Marsh
Pencils Norman Marsh (signed)
Inks Norman Marsh (signed)
Reprinted from ? (newspaper)

1 page The Green Lama promo (ad from the publisher) "Double Detective"

Notes Full page promo for Double Detective, a pulp magazine featuring "The Green Lama".

2 page Jim Gary's War Pictures story

Genre Fact
Script Jim Gary
Pencils Jim Gary
Inks Jim Gary
Notes Two pages of drawings with text of various US Army weapons.

4 page Myra North story "Foils the Villainous Prof. Zero"

Characters Myra North
Synopsis The grotesque little prof. Zero is wanted for murder and many other crimes.....
Genre Adventure
Pencils Ray Thompson (signed); Charles Coll (signed)
Inks Ray Thompson (signed); Charles Coll (signed)
Reprinted from ? (newspaper)

Half page Herky story

Genre Humor
Script Clyde Lewis
Pencils Clyde Lewis
Inks Clyde Lewis
Reprinted from ? [Newspaper strip reprint circa 1938 by NEA]

Half page The Curious World story "Faces Never Seen In Beauty Shows"

Synopsis Ugly animal faces.
Genre Fact
Script William Fergusen
Pencils William Fergusen
Inks William Fergusen
Reprinted from ? (newspaper)

9 page Pan-American Pals story "The Quest of Patagonian Bats"

Characters Thomas Amacha; Tim Teller; Henri Morlieu
Synopsis While attending a meeting of the science and exploration club in New York, Thomas Amacha and his pal Tim Teller meet the explorer, Henri Morlieu who tell of his recent adventures in little know Patagonia.
Genre Adventure
Script Ray Willner
Pencils Ray Willner (signed)
Inks Ray Willner (signed)
Notes Original material.

6 page King of The Royal Mounted story

Synopsis Story involves sea monsters wrecking nets of fishermen.
Genre Adventure
Script Jim Gary
Pencils Jim Gary (signed)
Inks Jim Gary (signed)
Reprinted from ? [Newpaper reprint from 1939 copyright by Stephen Slessinger]

5 page Captain Easy Solider of Fortune story

Characters Captain Easy; Wash Tubbs
Synopsis Easy and Tubbs are imprisoned in La Guarda when they try to rescue Carol and Mr. McKee.
Genre Adventure
Script Roy Crane
Pencils Roy Crane
Inks Roy Crane
Reprinted from ? [Newspaper reprint circa 1939 by NEA]

2 page Red Ryder text story "Adventure in Booleytown"

Genre Western
Pencils Fred Harman (illustration)
Inks Fred Harman (illustration)
Letters typeset

4 page Rookie story

Characters Dyke Power
Synopsis Dyke Power, age 16 and ambitious to become a soldier enlists under a special order despite his extreme youth....
Genre War; Humor
Script A. B. Collins (signed)
Pencils Max Neill (signed)
Inks Max Neill (signed)
Notes Original material.

Half page Boots story

Genre Humor
Script Edgar Martin
Pencils Edgar Martin
Inks Edgar Martin
Reprinted from ? (Newspaper)

Half page Alley Oop story

Genre Adventure; Humor
Script V. T. Hamlin
Pencils V. T. Hamlin
Inks V. T. Hamlin
Reprinted from ? [Newspaper strip reprint circa 1939 by NEA]

8 page Hawk of the Highway story

Synopsis A daring highwayman terrorizes New England postroads, creating an embarrassing diplomatic situation for the first president of the United States George Washington.
Genre Adventure
Notes Original material.

1 page Little Beaver story

Genre Western
Script Fred Harman
Pencils Fred Harman (signed)
Inks Fred Harman (signed)
Notes Inside back cover.

1 page insert or dust jacket

Notes Full-page color ad for Daisy Air Rifle and the Red Ryder Saddle Carbine.