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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published March 1944
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 60
Editing Malcolm Reiss (Editor)

Cover Details - " Dragon-Raiders of Aztla "

Genre science fiction
Pencils Joe Doolin
Inks Joe Doolin

10 page The Lost World story "Centuries have passed since the Volta invasion... Earth..."

Characters V: The Invisible One (I, D; a Lesk)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Thornecliffe Herrick]
Pencils Graham Ingels
Inks Graham Ingels

8 page Mars story "The spirit of hate sows his festering seeds..."

Characters V: Loli (I); I: Ted Wilson
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Ross Gallun]
Pencils Joe Doolin
Inks Joe Doolin
Notes "God of War" continues to show up on the cover but not on the feature itself.

7 page Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron story "It seemed like an easy job for Gale..."

Characters I: Dav (Daniel A. Vincent; V: A gang of thieves (I, D)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Douglas McKee]
Pencils Fran Deitrick
Inks Fran Deitrick

8 page Star Pirate story "Once again, old enemies battle it out..."

Genre science fiction
Script ? [as George Vincent]
Pencils George Appel
Inks George Appel

3 page text story "Is There a Lost Race Beneath the Polar Cap?"

Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Prof. Theobald Parker]
Pencils Fran Deitrick
Inks Fran Deitrick
Letters typeset

5 page Auro Lord of Jupiter story "One morning, as Auro fishes in one of.."

Characters V: A tribe of desert men (I); I: Queen Namoa, Tahna and other women of Namo; Auro's next appearance is in issue #41
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Norman Leslie]
Pencils Richard Case
Inks Richard Case
Notes One third of page two is occupied by an Ownership Statement.

6 page Norge Benson story "Norge, Jolie, Frosting and Hatrack are waging a..."

Characters V: Rojo (I, D)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Olaf Bjorn]
Pencils Lily Renee (signed)
Inks Lily Renee (signed)

6 page Space Rangers story Dragon-Raiders of Aztla ["While enroute to Earth: Reef! Metal locator glowing..."]

Characters V: The Dragon Men (I), Tanura (I); I: Prof. Legong, Dorna
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Hugh Fitzhugh]
Pencils Lee Elias (signed)
Inks Lee Elias (signed)