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Issue Details

Issue #46
Published January 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing J. F. Byrne (Managing Editor)

Cover Details - "The Mecho-Men of Mars"

Characters Auro Lord of Jupiter
Genre science fiction
Pencils Joe Doolin
Inks Joe Doolin

10 page The Lost World story "For many months Hunt Bowman and Lyssa had..."

Characters Janet Parker (intro); Jack (intro); Villains: Sargo (intro); Voltamen
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Thornecliffe Herrick]
Pencils Lily Renee (signed)
Inks Lily Renee (signed)

6 page Futura story "Too well had specimen 9 from Terra belt..."

Characters Futura [Marcia Reynolds]; Iontra (intro); Guest Star: Arborotes; Villains: Mentor; Trans-Venusians (intro; death)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as John Douglas]

1 page The Vizigraph letters page "The Vizigraph"

Letters typeset

6 page Auro Lord of Jupiter story The Mecho-Men of Mars ["Strange is the planet Jupiter, queen of the..."]

Characters Auro Lord of Jupiter; Guest Stars: Dorna; Dola (intro); Brog (intro); Villain: Naga (intro)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Dick Charles]
Pencils George Evans
Inks George Evans
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.

1 page Life On Other Worlds story "Mercury"

Genre science fiction
Pencils Ruth Atkinson?
Notes Different script and art from the Mercury episode in Planet Comics #43.

6 page Space Rangers story "Therma, a planet of mystery, a land not..."

Characters The Space Rangers [Flint Baker; Reef Ryan]; Guest Stars: Hercules; Lutra Dale (intro); Villains: Fire-Mimes (intro; death); Valgo (intro)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Hugh Fitzhugh]
Pencils Bob Lubbers
Inks Bob Lubbers

2 page text story "Message From the Dead"

Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Thornecliffe Herrick]
Letters typeset

8 page Mysta of the Moon story "Public notice: trial of Vitor for unauthorized experiments..."

Characters Mysta of the Moon; Guest Star: Bron II; Villains: Vitor (intro; death); Lara (intro; death)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Ross Gallun]
Inks Charles Sultan?; ?
Notes Again, touch-ups by Sultan and others on an otherwise very pedestrian art job.

1 page Life On Other Worlds story "Space Pirates' Hideout"

Genre science fiction
Pencils Ruth Atkinson?

7 page Star Pirate story "The plan was perfect. The prize: one million..."

Characters Star Pirate; Marcus Billionaire (intro); Marcus Billionaire's daughter (intro); Villains: Boyd (intro); Lucretia (intro)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Len Dodson]
Pencils Murphy Anderson (signed)
Inks Murphy Anderson (signed)