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Issue Details

Issue #51
Published November 1947
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 52
Editing J. F. Byrne (Managing Editor)

Cover Details - "Mad Mute X-Adapts"

Genre science fiction
Pencils Joe Doolin
Inks Joe Doolin

10 page The Lost World story Mad Mute X-Adapts ["San Francisco reduced to shambles! All other cities..."]

Characters Villain: X-Adapts (Introduction; Death); Voltamen (Death). Introduction: Dr. Allen; Prof. Raymond Huxley Dunn; Jane Dunn (Death); Robert
Genre Science Fiction
Script ? [as Thornecliffe Herrick]
Pencils George Evans
Inks Bob Lubbers? (pgs 1-4); George Evans (pgs 5-10)
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.
Reprinted in Golden-Age Greats (AC, 1994 series) #12

6 page Futura story "Escaped you have, Futura, from Lord Mentor's simmering..."

Characters Introduction: The Keeper. Villains: Mentor; Cymradians
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as John Douglas]
Pencils Walter Palais
Inks Walter Palais

1 page Life On Other Worlds story "Venus"

Notes Not the same as the Venus episode in issue #34.

6 page Auro Lord of Jupiter story "Super invasion! Intricate master plan for space conquest!"

Characters Guest Star: Dorna. Villain: Goz (Introduction)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Dick Charles]
Pencils Joe Doolin
Inks Joe Doolin

6 page Space Rangers story "Who was the mastermind behind the daring robberies..."

Characters Villains: The Masked One; Veda; Barton (Introduction for all)
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Hugh Fitzhugh]
Pencils Frank Doyle
Inks Frank Doyle

2 page text story "A Day In the Life of the Planets"

Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Thornecliffe Herrick]
Letters typeset

7 page Star Pirate story "Notice! Dr. Jorge Nels has been duly expelled..."

Characters Villains: Rawn; Brac; Lud (Introduction for all). Introduction: Dr. Jorge Nels; Zandra Nels
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Len Dodson]
Pencils Murphy Anderson (signed)
Inks Murphy Anderson (signed)

1 page The Vizigraph letters page

8 page Mysta of the Moon story "Mysta and Bron were doing catalyst experiments when..."

Characters Villain: Torg (Introduction). Guest Star: Bron II. Introduction: Colonel Sarku
Genre science fiction
Script ? [as Ross Gallun]
Pencils Maurice Whitman (signed)
Inks Maurice Whitman (signed)