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Issue Details

Issue #42
Published August 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Jack Byrne (Managing Editor)

Cover Details - "Two-Face Traps a Lynx"

Genre western
Pencils Bob Lubbers (signed)
Inks Bob Lubbers (signed)

10 page Firehair story Two-Face Traps a Lynx ["During the snow season, Firehair's Dakota friends had..."]

Characters Firehair [Lynn Cabot]
Genre western
Script ? [as John Starr]
Pencils Bob Lubbers (signed)
Inks Bob Lubbers (signed)
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.
Reprinted in Golden-Age Greats (AC, 1994 series) #9; in Good Girl Art Quarterly (AC, 1990 series) #12

8 page I Confess story "Once again, unseen audience, this is Myra...your..."

Genre mystery
Script ? [as Myra Maxwell]
Pencils Ruben Moreira
Inks Ruben Moreira

3 page text story "Western Daredevil"

Genre western
Script Henry Wysham Lanier
Pencils Frank Doyle
Inks Frank Doyle
Letters typeset

6 page Jan of the Jungle story "Hai-Hairoo! It is good to be alive!"

Characters Jan of the Jungle
Genre jungle
Script ? [as Pandit Jinnah]
Pencils Enrico Bagnoli
Inks Enrico Bagnoli

5 page Glory Forbes story "Patty's Penny Arcade"

Characters Glory Forbes
Genre crime
Script ? [as Bob Hickok]
Pencils John Forte?; ? (Iger Shop)
Inks ? (Iger Shop)

6 page Sky Rangers story "The 1-A lists a joy-ride for Cap Morgan..."

Characters Sky Rangers
Genre adventure
Script ? [as R.W. Colt]
Pencils Charles Sultan?; ?
Inks Charles Sultan?; ?

9 page Tiger Man story "From the files of Tiger Man, scourge of..."

Characters Tiger Man [Lt. Robert Benton]
Genre crime
Script ? [as Eric Marlin]
Pencils George Evans (signed)
Inks George Evans (signed)