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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published January-February 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth (credited); Jack Schiff (actual)

Cover Details - "The First Man To Reach Mars!"

Characters Tommy Tomorrow; Charles Courtney; Ted Husing
Genre science fiction
Pencils Howard Sherman; George Papp; Jack Lehti
Inks Virgil Finlay; George Papp; Jack Lehti

6 page biography (nonfictional) "King of Keys"

Characters Charles Courtney
Synopsis This a biography of Charles Courtney, famous locksmith.
Genre biography
Script Jack Schiff; Mort Weisinger; Bernie Breslauer
Pencils George Papp (signed)
Inks George Papp

4 page Tommy Tomorrow story "Columbus of Space"

Characters Tommy Tomorrow (intro)
Synopsis In a fictional "forecast," the first astronaut travels to Mars and back.
Genre science fiction
Script Jack Schiff; George Kashdan; Bernie Breslauer
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Virgil Finlay
Letters Howard Sherman (Logo)
Notes First appearance: Tommy Tomorrow. Script info from Gene Reed (Per Sandell)
Reprinted in Mysteries in Space: The Best of DC Science Fiction Comics (Simon and Schuster, 1980 series) #nn (October 1980); in Pulp Fiction Library: Mystery in Space (DC, 1999 series) #nn

3 page Wonders of the World story "Scotland Yard"

Synopsis Scotland Yard's physical facility and training program are depicted.
Genre fact
Script Jack Schiff; Mort Weisinger and; Bernie Breslauer
Pencils Win Mortimer ?
Inks Win Mortimer ?

1 page The Junior Journal filler

Characters Lynn Herzon; Sugar Chile Robinson; Franz De Beche; Jo Ann Durand
Synopsis Accomplishments by several youngsters are pictured and described.
Genre Fact
Script Stookie Allen (signed)
Pencils Stookie Allen (signed)
Inks Stookie Allen (signed)

2 page biography (nonfictional) "Once in a Lifetime"

Characters Johnny Dalton
Synopsis A true story of Johnny Dalton winning the Army Navy game in 1910.
Genre biography
Pencils Fred Ray [as Fray]
Inks Fred Ray

5 page biography (nonfictional) "Jungle in New Hampshire!"

Characters Johnny Benson
Synopsis This is a feature on Benson's Animal Farm in New Hampshire.
Genre facts
Pencils Ed Smalle (signed)
Inks Ed Smalle

2 page Scoops... Pictures to Remember! filler

Synopsis Six historical firsts are described through drawings and text.
Genre Fact
Pencils George Roussos (signed)
Inks George Roussos

4 page biography (nonfictional) "The Father of the Submarine"

Characters David Bushnell
Synopsis David Bushnell invents the submarine in 1776.
Genre biography
Pencils Fred Ray [as Fray]
Inks Fred Ray

3 page Hobbyland... activity "Army Patches"

Synopsis Collecting army patches is described.
Pencils ? (illustrations)
Inks ? (illustrations)

4 page Quiz Corner activity

Pencils John Daly
Inks John Daly
Notes This article has several features. John Daly apparently is involved with several if not all of the features.

1 page Men of Daring biography (nonfictional) "Joe Kudluk"

Characters Joe Kudluk
Synopsis An Eskimo's heroic deeds are depicted.
Genre bio
Pencils Stookie Allen (signed)
Inks Stookie Allen (signed)

2 page A "Famous First" Feature story "Genie of the Bottle"

Characters Edouard Benedictus
Synopsis The invention of safety glass is the subject.
Genre fact
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Howard Sherman
Letters Howard Sherman (Logo)
Reprinted in Strange Adventures (DC, 1950 series) #5, February 1951

2 page Just Imagine story "If the Sun Went Out!"

Synopsis Speculation on mankind's fate is presented.
Genre science fiction
Script Jack Schiff; Mort Weisinger and; Bernie Breslauer
Pencils Virgil Finlay
Inks Virgil Finlay
Reprinted in Mystery In Space (DC, 1951 series) #1, April May 1951; in Pulp Fiction Library: Mystery In Space (DC, 1999 series)

1 page You Tell Us! letters page

Script Harlan Ellison (one letter)
Letters Typeset
Notes A letter from future science fiction writer Harlan Ellison (as a child) is published. It is his first published writing.

4 page biography (nonfictional) "Ace Sportscaster"

Characters Ted Husing
Genre biography
Pencils Jack Lehti (signed)
Inks Jack Lehti (signed)
Notes Ted Husing is profiled.

1 page Thom McAn advertisement "How Thom McAn Prevented a Cave Disaster"

Genre adventure; ad
Pencils George Roussos ?
Inks George Roussos ?