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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published February 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Victor Fox

Cover Details

Pencils Lou Fine
Inks Lou Fine
Reprinted in Complete Jack Kirby (Pure Imagination, 1997 series) #1

8 page Eagle story "Origin of the Eagle"

Characters The Eagle [Bill Powers] (first appearance; origin); Jason (first appearance); The Purple Gang (first appearance; villains)
Pencils Emil Gershwin?
Inks Emil Gershwin?

12 page Electro story "The Origin of Electro"

Characters Electro [Jim Andrews] (first appearance; origin; becomes Dynamo in next issue); Saunders (first appearance); the President's daughter (first appearance); The Gerlandians (first appearance; villains)
Pencils Robert Webb?
Inks Robert Webb?

7 page Cosmic Carson story "The Fang Men of Jupiter"

Characters Cosmic Carson (first appearance); Roland (first appearance); Fang Men of Jupiter (first appearance; villains; one dies)
Pencils George Tuska
Inks George Tuska

8 page Perisphere Payne story "The Space Slavers"

Characters Perisphere Payne (first appearance); Villon (first appearance; villain; death)
Pencils ? (Arnold Haney)

8 page Marga story "Origin of Marga, the Panther Woman"

Characters Marga [the Panther Woman] (first appearance; origin; Von Dorf (first appearance; villain; death); Ted Grant (first appearance; not DC's Wildcat!)
Pencils Emil Gershwin?
Inks Emil Gershwin?

2 page text story "Death On the Air Waves"

Script Rodney Weems
Letters typeset

8 page Dr. Doom story "The Shrinking Serum"

Characters Dr. Doom (first appearance; villain); Jan Swift (first appearance); Wanda (first appearance)
Pencils ? (Richard Crater)

8 page Navy Jones story "Origin of Navy Jones"

Characters Navy Jones (first appearance; origin); King of a sub-sea people (first appearance); Princess Coral (first appearance); The prime minister (first appearance; villain)
Script Bert Whitman
Pencils Bert Whitman
Inks Bert Whitman