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Issue Details

Issue #7
Published August 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Victor Fox

Cover Details

10 page Eagle story "The Black Circle"

Characters Lanzatti (Villain; Intro); Apollo (Villain; Intro); Black Circle (Villain; Intro)
Synopsis Eagle loses wings, gains flight power through cape.
Pencils ? (Lester Raye)

9 page Dynamo story "The Attack of Gastro"

Characters Coro (Intro); Vora (Intro); Gastro (Villian; Intro; Death); Gas Breathers (Villain; Intro; Death)
Pencils ? (Harold Weber)

8 page Cosmic Carson story "The Slavers of Pluto"

Characters Ambari (Villain; Intro; Death)
Pencils ? (Michael Griffiths)

8 page Marga story "The Rampage of Bombo"

Characters Captain Renegrade (Villain; Intro; Death); Bombo (Intro; an elephant)
Pencils ? (James T. Royal)

2 page text story "Explorers In the Spaceways"

Script Nathaniel Nitkin (N. N. Nathaniel)
Letters typeset

6 page Perisphere Payne story "The Great Master"

Characters The Great Master (Villain; Intro; Death; a brain), Satyrs (Villain; Intro; actually centaurs)"
Pencils ? (Arnold Hardy)

8 page Dr. Doom story "The Plot To Slow Down Earth"

Pencils ? (Richard Crater)

8 page Navy Jones story "Monsters of the Taumotu Deep"

Characters Captain Nemo (Guest Star)
Script Bert Whitman
Pencils Bert Whitman
Inks Bert Whitman