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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published November 1939
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Ed Cronin

Cover Details

Characters Wings Wendall; Archie O'Toole; Black Ace; Bozo the Robot; Invisible Hood; Clip Chance
Genre adventure; children
Pencils Gill Fox ?
Inks Gill Fox ?

9 page Espionage Starring Black Ace story "Madame Doom"

Characters Black Ace; Madame Doom (Intro); Batu; Col. Atwater; O-12; B-5
Synopsis Black Ace has to deliver allied agents to a conference in California, and Madame Doom wants to stop him.
Genre spy
Script Will Eisner
Pencils Will Eisner
Inks Will Eisner

4 page Clip Chance at Cliffside story "Rivalry With Ray Snort: Part 2"

Characters Clip Chance; Ray Snort; Poke; Slim; Coach Barr
Synopsis Clip is tricked into breaking training rules so he'll be suspended before the big game. And while he's out of his room, the play book is stolen.
Genre sports
Script George Brenner [as Scott Sheridan]
Pencils George Brenner [as Scott Sheridan]
Inks George Brenner

1 page Small Stuff story

Genre gags
Script John Devlin (signed)
Pencils John Devlin (signed)
Inks John Devlin (signed)

5 page Invisible Justice story "The Green Lizard"

Characters Kent Thurston; The Green Lizard (Intro; Winters); Blaine
Synopsis The Green Lizard threatens to kill prominent businessmen unless they pay him off.
Genre superhero
Script Art Pinajian
Pencils Art Pinajian [as Art Gordon]
Inks Art Pinajian

4 page Captain Cook of Scotland Yard story "Attack of the Anarchists"

Characters Captain Cook; Numbers One through Twelve (villains); Inspector Keene
Synopsis Cook impersonates Number 12 in order to infiltrate a gang of hooded anarchists.
Genre detective
Script William A. Smith
Pencils William A. Smith
Inks William A. Smith

1 page Sportraits filler "Slinging Sammy Baugh"

Genre sports
Script Gill Fox (signed)
Pencils Gill Fox (signed)
Inks Gill Fox (signed)

7 page Hugh Hazard and His Iron Man story "The Submarine Disasters"

Characters Hugh Hazzard; Bozo the Robot; Lugar; Hanz; Leon; Amos Dobbs; Pat
Synopsis Hugh is on the trail of spies who have infiltrated the U.S. Navy and are sinking our submarines.
Genre science fiction
Script George Brenner
Pencils George Brenner [as Wayne Reid]
Inks George Brenner

2 page Archie O'Toole filler "Sheephad Bey"

Characters Archie O'Toole; Sheephad Bey; Movova
Genre humor; children
Script Will Eisner? [as Bud Thomas]
Pencils Will Eisner? [as Bud Thomas]
Inks Will Eisner? [as Bud Thomas]

4 page Abdul the Arab story "The Shammar Ruby"

Characters Abdul; Hassan; Ronny Forrest (Intro), Jahib (Intro); Sir John Lansing
Synopsis Sir John Lansing wants to bring the Shamar Ruby back to England with him, but others don't want that to happen.
Genre adventure
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel
Inks Vernon Henkel

4 page Chic Carter story "Carter and the Pirates"

Characters Chic Carter; Slugger (intro); Red Brannigan
Synopsis Chic is chasing pirates in Singapore
Genre detective
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel
Inks Vernon Henkel

2 page Philpot Veep story "The Distressing Dilemma of the Troubled Tradesman"

Characters Philpot Veep; Waldo; Schultz
Genre detective
Script John Devlin
Pencils John Devlin
Inks John Devlin

4 page Flash Fulton story "Rudolf's Invasion"

Characters Flash Fulton (intro); Andy, Gabby; Rudolf (Intro)
Synopsis Flash goes to Europe to get first hand pictures of the invasion of Cerania
Genre adventure
Script Paul Gustavson
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson

2 page Jim Mitchell text story "The Cloudburst: Part 1"

Genre adventure
Script Toni Blum? [as A. L. Allen ]
Letters typeset

1 page Just Laugh it Off filler

Genre gags

7 page John Law Scientective story "The Impossible Murder"

Characters John Law; The Avenger; June Carter; Mr. Carter; Amos Reid; George Reid
Synopsis The Avenger threatens 12 of Carter's friends with death in revenge for past wrongs they've committed. But George Reid is still convicted of the murder of his father, even though Law is convinced it's the Avengers work.
Genre detective
Script Harry Francis Campbell (signed)
Pencils Harry Francis Campbell (signed)
Inks Harry Francis Campbell (signed)

7 page Wings Wendall story "The Missing Bombers"

Characters Wings Wendall; His Excellency (Intro); Curly; Jack
Synopsis Wings searches for a missing plane in the Arctic
Genre aviation
Script Vernon Henkel (signed)
Pencils Vernon Henkel (signed)
Inks Vernon Henkel