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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published December 1940
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Ed Cronin

Cover Details

Characters Ray; Bozo the Robot; Black X; Wings Wendall; Invisible Hood
Genre superhero
Pencils Gill Fox
Inks Gill Fox

9 page Ray story "Music Hath Charm"

Characters Ray [Happy Terrill]; Stradivous (intro, villain, dies); Jennings (intro, villain, dies)
Synopsis The musician Stradivous, who can hypnotize anyone with his clarinet, works with Jennings to hijack a shipment of gold.
Genre superhero
Pencils Lou Fine [as E. Lectron]
Inks Lou Fine
Reprinted in Superman (DC, 1939 series) #252 (June 1972); in Adventure Comics (DC, 1982 series) #501 (July 1983)

6 page Purple Trio story "Mystery of the Five Talking Mummies"

Characters Warren; Rocky; Tiny
Genre adventure
Script S. M. Iger [as S. M. Regi]
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum

4 page Chic Carter story "The Story of the Mole"

Characters Chic Carter; Monahan; The Mole
Genre detective
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel
Inks Vernon Henkel

2 page Archie O'Toole story "Ludbah, I'm tired. I Think I'll take a ride."

Characters Archie O'Toole; Ludbah
Genre humor; children
Script George Tuska ? [as Bud Thomas]
Pencils George Tuska ? [as Bud Thomas]
Inks George Tuska ? [as Bud Thomas]

5 page Scarlet Seal story "Al Regna"

Characters Barry Moore (Scarlet Seal); Capt Moore; Al Regna
Genre detective
Script Harry Francis Campbell [as Duane Byrd Monroe]
Pencils Harry Francis Campbell [as Duane Byrd Monroe]
Inks Harry Francis Campbell [as Duane Byrd Monroe]

5 page Invisible Justice story "The Gaston Necklace"

Characters Kent Thurston; Jason White; Rufus Kane; Inspector Battle
Genre superhero
Script Art Pinajian
Pencils Art Pinajian [as Art Gordon]
Inks Art Pinajian

6 page Espionage Starring Black X story "Sabotage strikes the aviation factories"

Characters Black X; Col Atwater
Genre spy
Pencils Dan Zolnerowich [as William Erwin]
Inks Dan Zolnerowich

4 page Magno story "Mary Wallace is making a survey of slum conditions.."

Characters Magno; Mary Wallace; Steve Recka; Monk
Genre superhero
Script Paul Gustavson (signed)
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson

6 page Wings Wendall story "Barbaria Shall Strike"

Characters Wings Wendall; Listra; Warak
Genre aviation
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel (signed)
Inks Vernon Henkel

2 page Jimmy Christian text story "The God Mask"

Characters Jimmy Christian
Genre adventure
Script Robert M. Hyatt
Letters typeset

2 page Wun Cloo story "Velly good day"

Genre humor; detective
Script Gill Fox
Pencils Gill Fox
Inks Gill Fox
Reprinted in Jack Cole and Plastic Man Forms Stretched to Their Limits (Chronicle Books, 2001 series) #nn

4 page Abdul the Arab story "The Medici Candle"

Characters Abdul; Hassan; Achmed Bey
Genre adventure
Script Bob Powell
Pencils Bob Powell [as Powell Roberts]
Inks Bob Powell

1 page Kidding the Kids filler

Genre gags
Script Arthur Beeman (signed)
Pencils Arthur Beeman (signed)
Inks Arthur Beeman (signed)

7 page Bozo the Robot story "The Wizard"

Characters Hugh Hazzard; The Wizard
Genre science fiction
Script George Brenner
Pencils George Brenner [as Wayne Reid]
Inks George Brenner