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Issue Details

Issue #28
Published November 1941
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Ed Cronin ?

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Midnight; Black X; Jester; Wings Wendall; Rookie Rankin; Doc Wackey; Gabby
Genre superhero; adventure
Pencils Gill Fox
Inks Gill Fox

9 page Ray story "Zimmerman's Spy Ring"

Characters Ray; Bud; Zimmerman and his spy ring; Chita
Synopsis The Ray and Bud break up a Mexican spy ring.
Genre superhero
Pencils Reed Crandall [as E. Lectron]
Inks Reed Crandall

6 page Midnight story "The Liquifying Ray"

Characters Midnight; Gabby
Synopsis Midnight and Gabby face a gang of crooks with an amazing ray weapon that can melt anything in Big City.
Genre superhero; adventure
Script Jack Cole
Pencils Jack Cole (signed)
Inks Jack Cole
Letters Jack Cole

1 page Archie O'Toole filler "The Stenographer's Job"

Genre humor; children
Script John Devlin
Pencils John Devlin
Inks John Devlin

5 page Jester story "Tiny Gano's Insurance Racket"

Characters Jester; Tiny Gano (Intro)
Genre superhero
Script Paul Gustavson
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson

5 page Invisible Justice story "The Invisible Raider"

Characters Kent Thurston; Nazis; Roy Mason
Synopsis An invisible airplane based in a dirigible is used to kidnap the new Defense Chief, Roy Mason.
Genre superhero
Script Art Pinajian
Pencils Art Pinajian [as Art Gordon]
Inks Art Pinajian

5 page Purple Trio story "The Diamonds In the Dummy"

Characters Warren; Tiny; Rocky; Madame Zagonga
Genre adventure
Script S. M. Iger [as S. M. Regi]
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum

6 page Espionage Starring Black X story "The Rescue of Madame Doom"

Characters Black X; Batu; Col. Atwater; Madame Doom; Capt. Vidman (Intro);
Synopsis Black X tracks down stolen navy charts as two gangs of spies vie for their possession.
Genre spy
Pencils Witmer Williams [as Erwin]
Inks Witmer Williams

1 page Wun Cloo story "Wun Cloo's Day Off"

Genre humor; detective
Script Jack Cole
Pencils Jack Cole [as Ralph Johns]
Inks Jack Cole
Letters Jack Cole

5 page Wildfire story "The Modern Train Robbers"

Characters Wildfire; Mutt Morgan and his gang; Mr and Mrs Martin
Synopsis Wildire takes on a gang of train robbers, after a gold shipment that's riding on the same train as she and her parents.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Turner (signed)
Pencils Jim Mooney (signed)
Inks Jim Mooney

6 page Wings Wendall story "John Smith, Assassin"

Characters Wings Wendall; Kurt (Intro, Dies); Nita; Dr. Goth; Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Synopsis A parachutist tries to assasinate the President.
Genre aviation
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel (signed)
Inks Vernon Henkel

2 page Jimmy Christian text story "The City of Death"

Genre adventure
Script Robert M. Hyatt?
Letters typeset

5 page Rookie Rankin story "The Squid Strikes"

Characters Rookie Rankin; Ma Rankin; Sgt. Burns; The Squid (Intro; not the Spirit villain)
Genre detective
Pencils Arthur Peddy (signed)
Inks Arthur Peddy

7 page Bozo the Robot story "Trap For a Robot"

Characters Hugh Hazzard; Bozo the Robot; Slip Talone (Intro)
Genre science fiction
Script George Brenner
Pencils George Brenner [as Wayne Reid]
Inks George Brenner