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Issue Details

Issue #41
Published March 1943
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing George Brenner

Cover Details

Characters Midnight; Daffy; Doc Wackey; Gabby
Genre adventure
Pencils Paul Gustavson
Inks Paul Gustavson

11 page Midnight story "Golly, But It's Cold In Here!"

Characters Dok Wackey; Midnight; O'Toole; Gabby
Synopsis Doc Wackey shows his latest gadget to the army, and destroys half the city in the process.
Genre superhero; adventure
Script Paul Gustavson
Pencils Paul Gustavson
Inks Paul Gustavson

8 page Espionage Starring Black X story "The Amber Trap"

Characters Black X; Batu; Madame Doom; Prof Stultz
Genre spy
Pencils Joe Kubert
Inks Joe Kubert

5 page Bozo the Robot story "Collecting Scrap"

Characters Henry; Elmer; Percy; Hugh Hazzard
Synopsis Kids gather scrap metal for the war effort, then get into a scrape over who owns the scrap.
Genre science fiction
Script George Brenner
Pencils George Brenner
Inks George Brenner
Notes last appearance

7 page Jester story "McGinty's Obituary"

Characters Hustace McGinty; Jester; Lady Satan; Penelope
Synopsis McGinty is upset when he reads his own obituary in the paper.
Genre superhero
Script Paul Gustavson
Pencils Paul Gustavson
Inks Paul Gustavson

8 page Yankee Eagle story "Heiress Still Missing"

Characters Diane Shane; Wenner; Larry Noble
Synopsis Larry gets hired for a stunt job, but it's all a plot to pin a murder on him, if he doesn't die in the stunt that is.
Genre adventure
Pencils Al Gabriele (signed)
Inks Al Gabriele (signed)

1 page Wun Cloo story

Genre humor; detective
Script Jack Cole (signed)
Pencils Jack Cole (signed)
Inks Jack Cole (signed)

7 page Marksman story "Where Truth Laughs at Fiction..And Death is not the End"

Characters Marksman; Dr. Valdo
Genre war; adventure
Script Fred Guardineer [as Fred]
Pencils Fred Guardineer [as Fred]
Inks Fred Guardineer [as Fred]

2 page Jimmy Christian text story "Man of Fire"

Genre adventure
Letters typeset

7 page Daffy and Deke story

Characters Daffy Dill; Deke Parsons
Synopsis Daffy searches for Deke, her former (crooked) wrestling manager, who has fled to the big city.
Genre adventure; wrestling; humor
Script Gill Fox
Pencils Gill Fox
Inks Gill Fox
Notes story reads like there were earlier chapters but theere weren't.

8 page Rookie Rankin story "The Spider's Web"

Characters Rookie Rankin; The Spider
Synopsis The Spider runs a protection racket, and Rookie is determined to break him.
Genre detective
Pencils Clark Williams
Inks Clark Williams