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Issue Details

Issue #49
Published January 1944
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 60
Editing Martin De Muth

Cover Details

Characters Midnight; Gabby
Genre superhero
Pencils Alex Kotzky (signed)
Inks Alex Kotzky (signed)

11 page Midnight story "Selwyn the Savage"

Characters Midnight; Gabby; Doc Wackey; Selwyn the Savage (intro); Killer Mike; Gertrude
Synopsis When the girl of Selwyn's dreams leaves his diner with Killer Mike, he resolves he must become a tough guy too. So he goes to Doc Wackey for help.
Genre superhero; adventure
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson (signed)

1 page Wun Cloo filler "Honorable Crooked Fortune Teller"

Genre humor; detective
Script Jack Cole [as "Ralph Johns"]
Pencils Jack Cole [as "Ralph Johns"]
Inks Jack Cole [as "Ralph Johns"]

7 page Daffy story "The Gold Mine Caper"

Characters Daffy Dill; Deke Parsons; Mr. Crouch
Synopsis Deke sells a worthless gold mine to Mr. Crouch that suddenly turns up a new vein.
Genre humor; wrestling
Pencils Milt Stein?
Inks Milt Stein?

8 page Espionage Starring Black X story "Ceylon...Age-Old Island of Dark Secrets"

Characters Black X; Batu; Suva
Genre spy
Pencils Don Rico?
Inks Don Rico?

1 page Archie O'Toole story

Genre humor; kid
Pencils Dibble
Inks Dibble

7 page The Marksman story "The Mayan Murderers"

Characters Marksman; Anna
Synopsis The Marksman is in Mexico helping Polish refugees beset by Nazis.
Genre adventure
Pencils Fred Guardineer (signed)
Inks Fred Guardineer
Notes The Marksman decides to stay in South America and pursue Nazi spies for a awhile.

4 page Lady Luck story "The Diabolical Dr. Dermis"

Characters Lady Luck; Sgt. Sloburn; Dr. Dermis; Peecolo; Buffalo
Synopsis Dr. Dermis changes criminal's fingerprints.
Genre superhero
Script Klaus Nordling (signed)
Pencils Klaus Nordling (signed)
Inks Klaus Nordling
Reprinted from Spirit, The (Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1940 series) #?

2 page Jimmy Christian text story "The Jungle Hangmen"

Genre adventure
Script Robert M. Hyatt?
Letters Typeset

8 page Rookie Rankin story "The Phantom Armored Car"

Characters Rookie Rankin; The Phantom
Genre detective
Pencils Witmer Williams ?
Inks Witmer Williams ?

7 page Jester, The story "Unlucky Starr"

Characters Jester; McGinty; Starr Emery; Ziki; Boss Tobb; Jack Burman
Synopsis Boss Tobb tries to frame a couple of actors into working for his gang.
Genre superhero