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Issue Details

Issue #50
Published February 1944
Frequency monthly except December and June
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 60
Editing Martin DeMuth

Cover Details - "Hiram the Hermit"

Characters Midnight; Doc Wackey; Gabby
Genre superhero; adventure
Pencils Alex Kotzky (signed)
Inks Alex Kotzky

11 page Midnight story "Hiram the Hermit"

Characters Midnight; Doc Wackey; Gabby; Sniffer Snoop; Hotdog; Hiram the Hermit; Oscar the Coyote; the Grover Mob; the Nolan Mob; Dirty John Boonton
Synopsis Hiram the Hermit has the biggest diamond in the world and a pet coyote and he's going to appear on Dave Clark's radio show.
Genre superhero; adventure
Script Paul Gustavson
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson

8 page Rookie Rankin story "Old Jim"

Characters Rookie Rankin; Old Jim
Genre detective
Pencils Witmer Williams ?
Inks Witmer Williams ?

8 page Espionage Starring Black X story "The Garrison of Ghouls"

Characters Black X; Batu; Kitsune
Genre spy
Pencils Bernard Sachs
Inks Bernard Sachs

1 page Wun Cloo story

Genre humor; detective
Script Jack Cole
Pencils Jack Cole
Inks Jack Cole

7 page Marksman story "Rubber Harvest Time In Brazil"

Characters Marksman; Anna
Genre war; adventure
Script Fred Guardineer
Pencils Fred Guardineer
Inks Fred Guardineer

4 page Lady Luck story "The Jollity Theater Affair"

Characters Lady Luck; Peecolo
Synopsis Balloon dancers at the Jollity Theatre are passing secrets to the enemy.
Genre superhero
Script Klaus Nordling (signed)
Pencils Klaus Nordling (signed)
Inks Klaus Nordling
Reprinted from Spirit, The (Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1940 series) #?

1 page text story "Drip Van Winkle"

Characters Dewey Van Winkle; Capt. Angus MacCloud
Genre War
Letters typeset

Half page statement of ownership "Statement of Ownership Management Circulation"

Letters typeset

1 page Archie O'Toole story "I'll master this new model or die!"

Characters Archie O'Toole
Synopsis Archie, the king, designs a new paper airplane.
Genre humor
Script Bernard Dibble
Pencils Bernard Dibble
Inks Bernard Dibble

7 page Daffy story "Losing Weight"

Characters Daffy; Deke; Hoodoo Hoops; Rose Ann Rowley
Synopsis Daffy drinks a magic tonic that makes her lose weight. All of it.
Genre humor; wrestling
Script Bart Tumey
Pencils Bart Tumey
Inks Bart Tumey

7 page Jester story "The Miles Kidnapping"

Characters Jester; Mr. Miles; Louise Miles; Shrimp Twist; Miggins; McGinty
Genre superhero