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Issue Details

Issue #63
Published February 1946
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 60
Editing Martin De Muth

Cover Details

Characters Midnight; Gabby
Genre superhero
Pencils Al Bryant (signed)
Inks Al Bryant

11 page Midnight story "Hey Midnight! It's A Small World, Alright!"

Characters Midnight; Gabby; Doc Wackey; Sniffer Snoop; Hotfoot; Cutestuff Kids; Ziggy Rollo; J. C. Catlett; Prentice
Synopsis The president of Dave's radio station offers $50,000 for anyone who can get a genuine explorer to come on his station. But his competitor doesn't like the idea that there might be more than one explorer in town.
Genre superhero; adventure
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson

1 page Archie O'Toole filler "I think both you and me need some rest and recreation'

Genre humor; kid
Pencils Bernard Dibble
Inks Bernard Dibble

7 page Spunky story "Suited For Trouble"

Characters Spunky; Curly; Marge; Pug
Genre teen; humor
Pencils Sid Lazarus
Inks Sid Lazarus

8 page Rookie Rankin story "The Sinister Shiek"

Characters Rookie Rankin; Shiek Rezil Ben Hada
Synopsis Rankin gets mixed up in a plot to assasinate the heir to a middle eastern throne.
Genre detective
Pencils Sam Citron?
Inks Sam Citron?

4 page Lady Luck story "Arson on the Stage"

Characters Lady Luck
Synopsis Lady Luck battles an arsonist in a burning theatre.
Genre superhero
Script Klaus Nordling (signed)
Pencils Klaus Nordling (signed)
Inks Klaus Nordling
Reprinted from Spirit, The (Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1940 series) #?

8 page Espionage Starring Black X story "The Tyrant of Chengow"

Characters Black X; Batu
Genre spy

2 page Jimmy Christian text story "Fire Ball"

Genre adventure
Letters typeset

1 page Wun Cloo filler

Genre humor; detective
Pencils Jack Cole?
Inks Jack Cole?

7 page Daffy story "Captain Barnley, the Cheapskate"

Characters Daffy Dill; Deke Parsons; Captain Barnley
Genre humor; wrestling
Pencils Janice Valleau [as Ginger]
Inks Janice Valleau [as Ginger]

7 page Jester, The story "The Theft of the Wabi Pearls"

Characters Jester; McGinty; Quinopolis
Synopsis The Jester searches for jewels in a baloney factory.
Genre superhero
Pencils Sam Citron?
Inks Sam Citron?